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“War on Terror” Comes To Your Living Room

January 16, 2007

I thought it was a joke at first, but it’s for real.

From the ‘about’ section:

WoTgame.jpgEveryone starts with the best intentions. Then things start to get cramped. Then you notice your neighbour has more oil than you. Before long, war is waged, nukes are dropped, revolutions are fought and terrorists are doing your dirty work, before turning on you…

The goal of War on Terror, the boardgame is to liberate the world, ridding it of fear and terrorism forever. Naturally, only the biggest and strongest Empires are up to this task and so a certain amount of dominance needs to be shown. Alternatively, you can play as the terrorists, fighting for a world without empires…….read more

According to their blog, the British creators of the WoT game had filed a petition to “launch an independent inquiry into the legitimacy of the ‘war on terror’”:

We, the undersigned, believe the ‘war on terror’ is a poorly defined tactical construct and that the UK is not really at war. If we are at war, the public should know the full details and so demand the following questions be properly addressed through an independent inquiry:

– What is the UK definition of the ‘war on terror’? – Is ‘terror’ a legitimate military objective? – What are the causes of terrorism? – Can terrorism be successfully combated with traditional military means? – What progress are we making in the ‘war on terror’? – Why is there no internationally agreed definition of ‘terrorism’?

We, the undersigned, believe that such basic questions have never been answered satisfactorily, or at all. This should be a pre-requisite, rather than an afterthought, to war.

Well said. I don’t think we should take the threat lightly, but I think we’re on the same page. These guys do seem to have a sense of humor, though, since they’re taking photo submissions in response to their ‘Evil Challenge’. They’re giving away an EVIL Balaclava!

Looks like it would make a terrific gift idea. Just look at the spinner (click to enlarge)!

What's the War on Terror without an Axis of Evil? Handily located as a spinner in the middle of the board, the Axis of Evil decides who the baddies are with its random finger of suspicion. Then you get a nasty little subsidy in the form of Terrorist Cards: If you weren't evil before, you are now.