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Great Moments In Flame War History

January 28, 2007

Reposted from July 2006, cause it was so damn funny:


To have a little fun in the forums I decided to host the first FearBush Forum Skills Competition. The purpose was to call out two of our more senior (in age) members and see if, after thousands of posts, either one of them had learned very much about how the message board works (posting links, images, bold, italics, etc.). The results are in, and they are disappointing. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to complete any of the challenges. Plenty of excuses were made, and plenty of flak was delivered by the other members. The competition did bring out some very funny responses, however. I promised that the loser of the competition would be put into the FearBush Hall of Shame (this blog). Since the final score was a pathetic 0-0, I am going to highlight both members here. It should be noted that these members fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Let’s meet our two contestants…


Quick to post and unafraid to speak his mind, Rocky represents a kind of ‘shoot from the hip’ commentor. He has never started his own thread, and has never even posted a link to back up any of his statements. He simply calls it like he sees it, and moves on. The poor guy doesn’t even have an avatar. He claims he’s not ‘right wing’ , but has no admiration of ‘librals’. His best quote from the competition:

I told you before, I won’t lie to you. I consider it an honor to be able to jerk off twice a day at my age.

Tom Brady

Tom used to go under the handle of Bilhar, and with both entities combined he has well over 6,000 posts. In his recent interview, he divulged that he has been a Democrat for 60 years. Often picked on for his garbled posts and lack of proper grammar, Brady can often find himself fending off jabs from other members (even those who generally agree with him). Tom’s skills using the message board are notably more advanced than Rocky’s (he can use smileys, attach images, and has an avatar), but are still far behind the average member in terms of linking relevant material and using the quote feature properly. It was for this reason that he was included in the competition. Tom Brady’s most memorable quote from the competition was directed at….me:

If I really wanted to do this, I would just have a Worm like you do it for me, thats what worms who work in holes are for.

Frickin hilarious!


What Will Come Out In The Libby Trial?

January 28, 2007

I know a lot of bloggers out there are on the edge of their seats watching this Scooter trial from the sidelines.  I’ve been following the whole Plame thing off and on for the past few years.  Today, a familiar name popped up in the Raw Story feed: 

 Newsweek: Rove could testify in Libby case as subpoenas delivered

But the Rove account could cut in other ways. Fitzgerald would likely argue that Libby’s comment to Rove merely shows that the vice president’s top aide “was even lying inside the White House,” according to the legal source. Moreover, Rove is likely not eager to recount the story either. The reason? He would have to acknowledge that shortly after he had the chat with Libby, he went back to his office and had a phone conversation with Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper in which he also disclosed the fact that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA. The disclosure was potentially illegal since, at the time, Plame was employed in the Directorate of Operations, the agency’s covert arm…

Grab the popcorn folks.  I think there’s going to be a lot of unpleasant revelations laid bare in the next few weeks.  What will be exposed is an administration that was either a) so determined to cover their Iraq deception that they would risk exposing a CIA agent to discredit the critic, and send a shot across the bow of any future challengers, or b) were legitimately trying to “correct a story” (to whatever degree), but wound up outing the agent inadvertently (the old “cover up worse than the crime” scenario).  Either way, it looks like Libby is going with the defense that someone else is lying to make him take the fall.     Like I said….grab the popcorn.