Dutch Spammer Busted

February 5, 2007

I was scanning the LGF ‘tech news’ this morning and I saw a story that’s sure to upset absolutely no one: Dutch Man Fined $97,000 for Billions of Spam Messages.

A spammer whom authorities say e-mailed more than 9 billion unwanted advertisements for products like erection pills faces a hefty fine: If he needs headache medication or debt relief there’s probably an unsolicited ad in his own inbox.

Dutch authorities have levied a $97,000 fine on an unidentified man for sending “unsolicited electronic messages to consumers to promote erection enhancement pills, pornographic web sites, sex products and such,” the country’s telecommunications watchdog said Friday in a statement. It was the largest such fine levied by the watchdog, known by its Dutch acronym OPTA.

OPTA said it considered several factors, including the sheer volume of the messages, saying the 9 billion was a “minimum” estimate.

The article goes on to say that the Dutchman made an estimated $52,000 sending spam to the world in one year.  Unreal.  No wonder the spam has gone beyond email.  It’s hard to find any message board or blog out there that isn’t working night and day to control the flow of crap coming from these modern day street vendors.  I think this is very good news.  If we’re going to try to rid the world of spam, however,  I’m guessing we’re going to have to do a bit better than a $97,000 fine to send the message.

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