Obligatory Dog Post

February 6, 2007

I’m gonna take this opportunity and go ahead and post pic of my dog now.  Yep.  My dog.  It’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want to dammit! 

Jokes aside, I really did have this thought about what I want this blog to be, and posts with pics of my dog in them wasn’t exactly what came to mind.  No matter, I’m gonna do it anyway. 🙂  The girlfriend talked me into picking him up from the humane society after she saw an online pic a few years ago, and the guy just grew on me.  He’s a chow chow mixed with …..we’re not sure exactly……

His name is Indy:

Don’t laugh:
Indy, donning his makeshift hotspot cure!

I cut up an old t-shirt and put it on him to keep him from licking the hot spots on his “armpit”. He looked so funny, I just had to take a picture.  The technique worked pretty well.

I just thought I’d post a couple of pics of the guy who sits faithfully by me here around the computer, and waits for something to get excited about (in fact, he’s sitting right here watching me type this).  Maybe I could so far as to say that he serves as some inspiration when I post stuff, since I have a habit of peeking down at him when I’m stumped on something (like what to post on the blog today).


  1. He almost looks part-lion! very cute.

  2. Hi ChenZhen:

    ___Those who shower there dogs with love and attention are blessed with loyalty and companionship that simply does not happen in the human experience.

    ___Give Indy a pat on the head for me as he certainly deserves it 🙂

    ___Good Luck and thanks for sharing.


  3. Looks possible Akita? What a bog boy! Beautiful 🙂

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