Bushbots On A Mission

February 9, 2007

Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis, editors of the internet’s most obvious independent kool-aid stand for Bush supporters (Blogs For Bush), have turned their attention to the subject of corruption. Not Bush and Cheney’s corruption, mind you, but the alleged actions of a handful of Democrats. You see, when you’ve planted your flag in the camp that unconditionally supports the worst president in US history, there comes a time when denial reaches critical mass and you have no choice but to start the process of deflection and begin lashing out at his critics in Congress:

For years, Democrats have tried and succeeded in using a phony ethics war to punish Republicans for being in power. Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay have both paid the price for Democrat scandal-mongering. Enough is enough.

Caucus of Corruption by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan is the first book to specifically discuss the hypocrisy and corruption of today’s Democratic Party. The book not only exposes the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party’s ongoing plan to regain power by portraying the Republicans as corrupt, it also details the rampant corruption deep in the Democrat’s ranks.

Caucus of Corruption provides readers with concrete evidence of the hypocrisy within the Democratic Party and tells the story of a Democratic Party that plans to employ a phony ethics war to regain power.caucus-of-corruption.gif

In Caucus of Corruption, you will learn about

  • Nancy Pelosi’s penchant for cronyism,
  • Harry Reid’s connections to Jack Abramoff,
  • Rahm Emanuel’s love for dirty money.
  • Chuck Schumer’s clashes with campaign finance laws.

and much, much, more!

  • Who in the Democratic Party is connected to embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff?
  • How many have run afoul of campaign finance laws?
  • Who are taking free trips, accepting bribes and lobbyist cash?

It’s all in Caucus of Corruption!

As the definitive resource on Democrat corruption and hypocrisy, Caucus of Corruption is a must have for conservatives, Republicans, political junkies, and anyone concerned with cleaning up politics in Washington.

I’m sure it’ll be a real page-turner! I wonder if Scooter reserved a copy? Mr. ‘Freedom Fries‘, too? The cover appears to proudly display the endorsement of congressional corruption expert Tom Delay (although I can’t make out what it says), so I assume he’s getting one!

The book couldn’t come at a more critical time, as we’ve recently seen the decider’s approval rating drop to an abysmal 32 percent. Time to kick that deflection and denial into high gear!

(cross-posted at fbblue.gif;I posted it here because they seem to be getting defensive about it now)

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