Feith Responds

February 14, 2007

This post will serve as a bit of a “part 2”  of my previous post about the IG’s report on the OSP, as Doug Feith himself has opined in today’s Washington Post: Questions We Were Right To Ask.

Promoters of the “Bush Lied, People Died” line claim that the recent Pentagon inspector general’s report concerning my former office’s work on Iraq intelligence supports their cause. What the IG actually said is a different story….

Feith goes on to explain that the Pentagon briefing that his office prepared was merely a critique of the consensus of the Intelligence Community, and therefore was not intended to be deceptive.  That still doesn’t explain the Downing Street Memo, or why Bush felt the need to deliver speech after speech in the fall 2002 claiming that Saddam had long standing relations with al Qaeda.  If Feith’s office was to prepare “alternative analysis”, the president sure did pick it up and run with it, didn’t he?  It appears Feith is trying to explain away actions that, on the surface, look like preparations of analysis geared specifically towards making the case for war.  I suppose the most pertinent question that comes to mind is:  Would we have gone to war with Iraq without the work of the OSP?  I don’t think so.

Daily Kos diarist litigatormom has a more detailed breakdown of Feith’s column here.

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