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My “White Flag Republican” Rep., Jim Ramstad

February 16, 2007

During my daily commute in my winter beater I was listening to Hugh Hewitt talk about the vote in the House on Iraq..  He wasn’t happy.  Either were the callers. Hewitt rattled off the names of the 17 “white flag Republicans” who voted with the Democrats.  One of them was none other than Jim Ramstad from right here in the 3rd.


One thing that got through all the broadcast’s ranting was Hewitt’s insistence on listeners going to a website called The Victory Caucus. I was hoping to get a list of all the “white flaggers”, so I decided to visit.  Incidentally, the link that lists them is restricted to registered users (it’s true).  At this point, I’m pretty intrigued,  so I visited the about page.  Here’s a bit of what I found:

We support victory in the war against radical Islamists.  We supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we believe victory is necessary in both countries for America’s self-defense.

The problem is, with all the talk of  ‘victory’ on the website (and on the radio), ‘victory’ isn’t really defined anywhere. What does ‘victory’ look like?  How will we know we’ve won?  

This is a game where there is no ‘victory’, only avoiding defeat.   There’s a smart way to do it, and there’s they way we have been doing it.  The way I see it, this vote was a vote of no confidence in the Bush administration’s leadership in Iraq.  It was a long time coming.

Update:  There’s a pretty good run down on the Victory Caucus at firedoglake .


Blogosphere Dark Comedy Hour

February 16, 2007

Check out the right wingers morbidly listening for the phrase  “Allahu Akbar” in the cell phone vid taken of the Salt Lake City mall shooting.  With all their might, they can’t tell for sure.  Darn it!:

A Muslim allegedly behaving violently? Does Brit Hume know about this?

But seriously, that’s some really sketchy audio. The 1:39 shouting could be one of the cops. I just listened to the thing five times, and I have no idea what that outburst is. “Allahu Akbar” might be a little too good to be true…

Enrique on February 15, 2007 at 7:30 PM

I’m not sure if the verdict is in.  The affirmation of bigotry may have to wait for another day.  Stay tuned!

Breaking:  The Red Lake High School shooter was a Native American!




“The Constitution is not a suicide pact”

February 16, 2007

No.  It is what the POTUS has sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend

I would hope he wouldn’t succumb due to the actions of 19 men terrorists who were armed with knives and flight training.

 That’s my take, anyway.