Where Right Wing Bloggers And Al-Qaeda Converge

February 19, 2007

It was a busy week in the blogosphere with everything that’s happening with regards to the Middle East, and I thought I’d post something about my travels.  While the Iraq debate rages in Washington, a lot of the buzz on the blogs is focused on the rising tension between the US and Iran.  The most memorable comment I read this week was on a LGF post about the alleged Iranian sniper rifles in Iraq:

#26 TMF 2/13/2007 11:39AM PST

If Bush leaves office without taking military action against Iran, I will be very, very disappointed

I say this one was memorable because I was taken aback by how familiar the sentiment sounded. Perhaps it was the word disappointed, specificallyI just remember there was someone else who really wanted a war between Iran and the U.S.: Al-Qaeda:

The question remains, how to draw the Americans into fighting a war against Iran? It is not known whether American is serious in its animosity towards Iran, because of the big support Iran is offering to America in its war in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Hence, it is necessary first to exaggerate the Iranian danger and to convince America and the west in general, of the real danger coming from Iran, and this would be done by the following:

So, some of the few people on the planet who are actually enthusiastic about a major U.S./Iran conflict are right wing bloggers and al-Qaeda.  It gets a little spookier, however, if you go a little farther down the Zarqawi doc to see the kinds of deceptive tactics the terrorists had brainstormed. Ideas and methods for provoking the conflict ranged from “planting” fingerprints to “disseminating bogus messages” to kidnapping.  The theme was fairly simple:  Do whatever is necessary to provoke a war, and frame Iran for the provocation.. 

I suppose a good question would be:  Who wants it more?  Irregardless, I’m sure al-Qaeda would be happy to know that they have a receptive audience eager to amplify the drumbeat back here in the States.

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