My Take On The New Digg Feature

February 23, 2007

I’d just like to give a big thank you to Mark in the WordPress support room for doing such a good job with this.  It really is pretty cool.  If you haven’t signed up yet, I think you should: Digg.com  My first impression of the Digg community is that it’s kind of like a bloggers ‘lounge’.

This tool allows me to post my entries to the entire Digg audience, like here , and quickly import other bloggers’ stories to my blog (called “Blog it!) with a couple of clicks.  My previous two entries were done in this fashion (I added the logos and had to change the categories).

For entries that I submit, I can add a button here that allows visitors to ‘digg’ it (like a recommend tab; scroll down to the ‘Bachmann’ post to see one), thereby moving the post up a bit within Digg’s hierarchy.  All in all, a very nifty tool that I can use to share my thoughts with the world and interact with my fellow bloggers.

Update:  There are a lot of complaints out there about stories being “buried” or labeled as “inaccurate” by what LGF and others claim are rabid mobs of “leftist” Diggers, so it would be important to note that there was a site created to track Digg and buried stories (a result of an apparent design flaw in digg; you can’t tell who’s burying the stories): Dugg Trends

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