Glenn Greenwald investigates “The Victory Caucus”

February 26, 2007
  • While Tucker Carlson did a puff piece story on “The Victory Caucus”, he didn’t investigate very deeply. He didn’t note the tiny size of the Caucus or its sudden growth, or the fact that the Caucus is not doing anything to aid the troops militarily or with their provisions, but is solely concerned with promoting the administration’s efforts….Salon.com

It was interesting to see Greenwald’s analysis on this, since I just blogged about the way the Victory Caucus was being hyped last week.  In fact, the day I posted about it (Feb. 16th) was the day that their hits peaked.  So, I guess what I’m saying here is that it appears that the “Victory” people embarked on an aggressive media blitz that even I got sucked into, then hoped that the pom-poms would be enough to keep people there.  Too bad.

digg story

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