Righty Blog Of The Week: Liberals Must Die

February 26, 2007

I saw this pop up in the Digg ‘offbeat’ section.  Liberals, enter this site at your own risk:

Liberals Must Die

The tag section alone has a dozen laughs in it.  In fact, when you see a tag like  Muslum Terrerists (21), you gotta wonder if the thing is for real or just a Colbert-like parody.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  Enjoy!

digg story



  1. What is your problem?

    All I’m trying to do is save this country from the evils of Satan himself, and his wife Hillary!

    If Jesus were around, how do you think he would feel if some Mexican illegal took his job? Was Jesus a carpenter or a fisherman? It doesn’t matter now, because Paco took both his jobs!!!

    We need to stop trying to change the world, and just go back to bible times where everyone did what they was told!

    • I am sorry to say that you just cannot survive in a world in which only conservative/liberals exist. If the world was only conservatives, then the world would be much like the Middle East. If the world was only liberals, the world would be much like Somalia. You need both to create a functioning society.

      If you want a more elaborate way of thinking about this, I’d suggest you watch this from TED. It is the standpoint and explanation of how a society must develop with both liberal and conservatives. This video is by Jonathan Haidt, a super genius in the field of phycology from the University of Virginia who studies morals, values, and societies. He is a little biased on his views about the elections and politics, but he is fair to both sides when it comes to the matter of society.


  2. Oh and please remember to vote for a GOP candidate in the upcoming election. Unless you like terrererist attacks, then I guess you can vote for the muslum Barak Osama. I have a website about him too… osamalovesobama.com.

  3. lol Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I will stop by any time I want!! And you can’t do anything about it!

    My republican friends in the NSA make sure that I have high speed access to the internets, even if they are cloged with porn in the tubes. They aren’t like a truck you know!

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