More Than A Feeling

March 10, 2007

Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band Boston, was found dead Friday in his home in southern New Hampshire on Friday, March 9.

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One comment

  1. Friday brought the news that one of the most recognisable voices in rock was no longer with us. Brad Delp, Founder member of Boston along with Tom Scholz, was a big part of the soundtrack of my youth, with what many believe to be the “perfect” single, More than a Feeling, released in 1976

    His soaring vocals were almost beyond belief. Possibly only Queen could rival them for the sheer perfection of production and performance, and we listened to the song, in awe, over and over again. The album was not a disappointment. Track after track of classics assailed our ears. Long Time, Peace of Mind. Boston had just raised the bar impossibly high.

    Rest in Peace, Brad. The angels have some serious competition.

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