Saturday Showdown In D.C.: Wingnuts Vs. Moonbats

March 15, 2007

A big ‘moonbat’ event has been spotted by ‘moonbat watch’….and it has trouble written all over it…

A collection of various anti-war groups have banded together and decided to mark the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war by organizing a march in Washington D.C. on March 17.  Members include Code Pink, Gold Star Families for Peace, Cindy Sheehan, etc.  In response to this, a grassroots-level organization of concerned citizens, veterans groups and bloggers have formed the base for a counter-protest, dubbed the Gathering of Eagles.


I’m not going to pick sides on this one. I can tell you that the battle has already begun, however, and it’s lookin’ ugly. In fact, the GOEers accused the ‘moonbats’ of hacking their website last week: Having Fun, Leftards?

And to the pus blisters who apparently finally took their hands off their wing-wing long enough to rub two tired, pot-saturated brain cells together and infringe upon our right to free speech, may I just say that I hope you die a horrific death, filled with every manner of sexually transmitted disease known to man. If it’s even possible to get an STD from self-wanging too much. And if the parties responsible for this little escapade plan on being in D.C. next weekend, stop by and say hello, that is if you haven’t rubbed all the skin off your balls from overhandling.

Now that’s some pretty unhinged cyber-rage!  I’m not sure if it’s all going to be out of everyone’s collective systems by Saturday afternoon, but we’ll see.  Out of fairness, I’ll post youtube vids representing both groups.  So….

In this corner, you have the ‘moonbats’:

And in this corner, the ‘wingnuts’:

One of the bloggers at Jawa report seems to think the wingnuts have the edge (naturally):

(Besides, I’d put my cash on a pissed-off veteran against any 100 stink-ass hippies.)

Hhhmmm….these veterans?

Any bets which side does more to embarrass themselves on Saturday?

Update:  Well, it seems that things went fairly smoothly yesterday in D.C.  There is an excellent photo essay up on The Redhunter: A Gathering of Patriots

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  1. Glad you liked the photos, ChenZhen. Thanks for stopping by.

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