Today Is Paint A Democrat As An Anarchist Day

March 22, 2007

It started with the reports from the March 17th protest in D.C.  Then, I saw some rather disturbing pictures from a completely different event on LGF:


Suddenly (and not surprisingly), the effort to smear everyone who is against the Iraq war as a flag-burning, soldier effigy hoisting, vandalous anarchist started to gain some momentum in the righty blog community.  Here’s a great example over at hot air: A few fringe actors 

Those people who burned a US soldier in effigy in Portland are a lot of things, most of them unprintable, but fringe actors they are not. They are leaders. They have been leading the Democrats toward their current stance on the war since 9-12-01.

What utter crap.  Here’s a newsflash Bryan:  There were those of us that thought this war was an idiotic idea from day 1.  There were even more who discovered it later on.  Today, a majority of Americans think the war was not worth the cost and Bush/Cheney deliberately misled the country about the threat posed by Saddam.  After 4 years, Democrats continue to hand wring over the war, and you think they’re influenced by these nuts?  Gimme a break.

Hot Air’s not alone though, as there are lots of other blogs  willing to juxtapose anyone anti-Bush with the flag burners.

But, hey, it’s much easier to look at yourself in the mirror if you can just paint everyone on the other side as an anti-American, troop-hating communist.

BTW- Just for the record, I think any American upset enough with the country to actually burn a flag can pack their bags and leave.  The behavior is very much on ‘the fringe’.

Update:  A similar sentiment was echoed by a blogger in Oregon: How to find the pricks in a crowd of 10,000

Update:  Apparently, one of these creeps took a dump on the flag as well, so the smear rolls on at LGF: A New Low for the Anti-War Movement


  1. I picked up the trail on these photos via a link at oregoncatalyst.com.

    The photos and some of the regarding posts I’ve read reminded me of an F.A. Hayek passage which I then blogged about.

    The post, titled: “History Repeats Itself: 1933 (Communists vs. Fascists) & 2007 (Socialists vs. Anarchists)” is linked to here.

    Many thanks,


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  3. As an anarchist, I am offended that anyone would try to paint democrats (which are capitalists and statists) as anarchists 🙂

  4. Visited by an anarchist? Another milestone for the Chamber.

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