Great Moments In Flame War History: Rayra

March 25, 2007

This isn’t my first post regarding a flame war/warrior sighting.  Maybe I’ll make this a recurring theme (so the carpet can match the drapes a bit in here). Today I’d like to highlight the adventures of a netizen who should be familiar with readers of LGF:  Rayra

Edit (6/6/07): I’ve decided to leave all obscenities in here uncensored.  My apologies, but I didn’t want any confusion about what was actually posted.

football-profile.gif Rayra
This user is blocked.
Registered lizardoid since: Jun 15, 2004 at 12:52 pm
No. of comments posted (since July 26, 2004): 21,900 (that’s about 30 posts/day!)

-This was the thread that did him in:

I drink about 6 alcoholic beverages a month, you stupid cunt 

The flame war raged as Rayra engaged multiple members at once, defending his use of obscenities. In the heat of the battle, Rayra wondered if Charles (the webmaster) was really Charles (how can anyone have a problem with the c-word?).

Now I’m really thinking this isn’t Charles. Too childish. wtf, who is this nancy?

(The blog RADAMISTO put together a good summary of the exchange here

In the end, Rayra managed to create a mess that spilled over into other threads, involved many lizards, and eventually resulted in his banishment along with about a half dozen others.  It wasn’t pretty.  The subject still comes up every so often in the comment section, usually namelessly.

These days, Rayra and most of the other lizards banned that day hang out in the GCP forums.  Although Rayra always had a penchant for using Archivist and Compost tactics, and being a bit of a Xenophobe toward new lizard hatchlings, I think Centurion represents the best caricature:


Update:  The GCPers have finally discovered this post, and Rayra responds:

Got as far as seeing that lying c-word ChenZen’s name in the URL and said ‘why bother?’

And his horseshit about reminding other of my service as a trump is utter bullshit. I’ve NEVER done that. That’s pure unadulterated ‘Chickhawk’ meme bullshit right there. I have spoken of my military experience during reminiscences, humorous anecdotes, and when answering or clearing up technical matters of military science. I have NEVER used it as a shield. And it’s areal POS that makes such a low accusation.

I pistol-whipped ChenZen for being a fucking kossack-crowd retard. And like all the other fucking cowards of his broad yellow stripe, he strikes where and when he cannot be answered.

I’m right here Rayra.  Enter a phony email if you want. 

I’ll admit that the Centurion description may not be 100% accurate, but I did notice that the Archivist tactics got whipped out one more time in that thread (in ad Hominem fashion, no less).  Where are those posts saved on your computer, anyway?  Filed under “kossack-crowd retard”?

Update:  I decided that Rayra was right, and it would be unfair use Centurion as the best description of his tactics.  I don’t remember any instance where he used his military service as a weapon on the cyber-battlefield.  However, since it is a pretty funny visual, I’ll keep the picture up there.

Update:  Sadly No!  Rayra’s fame spreads.

Update:  Oh well, more drama over at LGF (really gets going about here).  Saved for documentation purposes.   I did think this was pretty funny though:

#274 Colonel Panik  6/05/2007 1:14:26 pm PDT

Isn’t “Rayra” an Eric Clapton song as sung by Kim Jong-Il?

You got me on my knees
I’m beggin’ darring prease
Darring won’t you ease
My worried mind?

GCP gang not happy.  Rayra responds:

9mos, 5days. And those cocksuckers are still gestating their Hate. Fuck’em.

I’ll say the same thing here that I posted at Wizbang to nony – LGF’s readership stats have collapsed to what they were 2-1/2yrs ago immediately post the Memogate surge. Half what they were when we were Purged.  Obviously we were not the cause of LGF’s declining stats. And in fact, most of the decline has come after our ouster.
Meanwhile, the same pack of snarky cunts who demonized their fellow Jews as Nazis, Sharon as Hitler, Israeli police as Stormtroopers, who called themselves ‘higher quality Jews’ are still there shoveling up shit.
And LLLibtard tools and mobies like ChenZhen et al are still there rolling around in it. You remember ChenZhen don’t you, that jackoff that first showed up as a Kossack crossover and a self-proclaimed Deaniac, to boot?
Those are the folks that populate LGF now, while it’s viewership is off 50%, it’s average daily comments off 40%, where Charles now floats banner ads at the top of the page as the ‘next new thing’ for generating revenue.
A pox on them all. LGF served it’s purpose. Now the blogosphere is rife with folks exposing the Jihad on a regular basis.

My best wishes to the remaining good folks that post there or lurk in silence. C’mon over and have a chat where folks the likes of the shriekers, hand-wringing doomsayers and backbiters are most emphatically NOT welcome. 

And I say again, a damned shame that ‘NY Nana git yer pruny ass in here’ topic was deleted. She kept her shithole shut while that ready trump was at hand. Now the crazy old bitch once again feels brave enough to cast her aspersions. And I’m not going to be bothered to rebut them for the umpteenth time. Fuck’em.

I can’t believe this guy got banned.  Maybe it was an imposter Charles after all?



  1. Sad really.

    Rayra could offer cogent political and military analysis from time to time. Unfortunately he had a plethora of anger issues that made him impossible to get along with even if you were on his sde 90% of the time.

  2. Anger issues? Nah. LOL

    Anyway, I felt it would be better to host a dedicated thread than to have the LGF comments section get derailed with bickering over this guy months later. So, here ya go.

  3. Hi ChenZhen, hon. Just one little nitpick. The c word is not profanity (e.g., taking the Lord’s name in vain, etc.). It’s obscenity. To profane something is to be irreverent – the antonym of sacred.

    Something obscene is offensive to the accepted standards of decency. What’s obscene in, say, Iowa may not be so in, say Nevada.

    /English teacher nit pick, but not something easy to teach a bunch of teenagers.

  4. Hey thanks Catttt….I fixed it.


  5. Chen,

    Mazel tov!

    You know that you have been doing a perfect job of describing the bloviating POS, Rayra..keep up the good work!



    His massive ego, and levels of pure, unadulterated hate, and ‘his way or the highway’ attitude? He really needs serious mental evaluation. I fear for his wife, and pray he has no kids.

  6. Chen

    Darn! We could have planned to partay today, on the first anniversary of the POS extraordinaire, Rayra’s banning,from LGF!

    Doing the Snoopy Dance!

  7. Maybe we could all sign a card?

  8. And mail it to the local asylum? He reminds me of ‘islamic’ rage boy…somehow that is how I picture him.

  9. Whoops! Forgot to mention that his Jew hate and scorn of Israel is about equal to that of Rage Boy, for all his protests.Remember the ‘higher class Jew’ remarks?

  10. I just think it’s funny that you remembered the exact date. 🙂

  11. I didn’t! I happened to have this in my favorites, and read it to get a good laugh…and when I saw the date of his well-earned banning? It was just too good to pass up.

    That was some thread, and IIRC, there was also another one.

  12. […] so if that’s what’s holding us up here, I might as well remind you guys about what Rayra said awhile back: I pistol-whipped ChenZen for being a fucking kossack-crowd retard. And like all the […]

  13. […] “normal”.  We’re talking about a site where rayra is the featured member, after all, […]

  14. Oh:


    Madalyn Murray O’Hair lookalike. She just pops up everywhere.

    Talk about the haters.

    If you ever need a back stabbing hag as a friend, she’s the one.

  15. NY Nana is a cunt stain, I pray she is not a Nana. If she is, her grandchildren are counting the days she gets Cancer and dies so they can inherit and sell off her smelly house.

  16. Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you! Cool.

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