Righty Blog Of The Week: Moonbattery

March 25, 2007

There is just something about the term ‘moonbat’ that fascinates me. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen it used to label anyone from Cindy Sheehan to John Murtha to Arianna Huffington to George Clooney, without seeing anything really consistent to link the term with the behavior described.  I’m beginning to think that ‘moonbat’ is just a catch all term that’s thrown out there by righty bloggers when someone is perceived as acting in some ‘leftist’ manner (by someones definition) or expressing an opposing viewpoint.  That covers quite a broad range.  In fact, at this point, the wielders of the slur would most likely apply it to a majority of America, as 54% of the population now believes that Bush/Cheney deliberately misled the nation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein in the run-up to the Iraq war.  Since the “Bush lied” meme is consistently labeled as ‘moonbattish’, it’s apparent that there are literally ‘moonbats’ around every corner.  Watch out!

When it comes to where the term is used on the blogs, there is undoubtedly none that use it with more impunity than this one:


The Moonbattery blogger, Van Helsing (get it?), was presumably curious about my “What The Hell Is A Moonbat?” post and decided to stop by last week. Here’s what he (I assume) had to say:

Another possible definition of a moonbat is “a smug liberal who adopts a smirking tone without really knowing what he’s talking about.”

I’d have to disagree with that statement.  Smugness online is a tell-tale sign of an Ideologue, a flame warrior that  also has a conservative variation.  But who am I to say?  I’m dealing with a blogger with a PhD. in moonbatology.  Maybe I should just shut the hell up before I get a ‘vampire bomb’ dropped on my smug ass, eh?

Anyway, click the link if you think you’re ready to enter the den of the web’s crusader-in-chief against all things ‘moonbat’.


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