Case Closed: McCain Says Strategy He Supports Is “Making Progress”

April 2, 2007

I just thought I’d comment on McCain’s visit to Iraq, a story (with a few subplots) that has been circling around on the blogs today: 4 G.I.’s Among Dead in Iraq; McCain Cites Progress 

The attacks coincided with a visit to Iraq by a Republican Congressional delegation led by Senator John McCain, who declared at a news conference that the new American security plan was “making progress” and that there was cause for “very cautious optimism.”

In sometimes testy comments to reporters in the heavily fortified Green Zone, Mr. McCain said the American public was not receiving “the full picture about what’s happening,” and he described the delegation’s visit to a downtown market where scores of people have died this year in multiple car bombings and other attacks. There, the members of Congress said, they strolled around, haggled with merchants and drank tea.

But the outing was far from carefree. The delegation traveled in a convoy of armored military vehicles and was accompanied by a large contingent of heavily armed soldiers. The politicians wore body armor while they shopped.

“We had protection today,” Mr. McCain acknowledged when pressed by reporters.

My first reaction was….Duh!  Of course McCain is going to say that!  They could have had a bomb go off 100 yards from their entourage and still be able to say that with a straight face.  Politically speaking, McCain doesn’t have any other choice.  It seems that many of my blogging brethren have forgotten that this (the surge) was the plan that McCain has hung is hat on as we speed ahead towards the ’08 elections.  It’s the McCain Doctrine/Principle, after all.  To ask John McCain if the surge is going well is like asking the CEO of Dell if they make good computers.  What do you think they’re going to say?

Just for the record, I have no idea if this “surge” is really going to work or not.  I spend all my time trying to figure out why we went in in the first place, or what the heck we’re doing there now.   On the surface, it appears that the strategy may be able to noticeably reduce some of the violence in the short term, but is ultimately an untenable situation in the long term.  I guess the hope is that it will work just long enough to get their government’s ducks in a row and have the Iraqi forces take over security (to regurgitate the talking point). 

Bottom line:  I hope McCain’s right.  It’s just that him telling us that he’s right should be taken with a grain of salt, that’s all.

As for the aforementioned subplot, here ya go:

The Raw Story:

CNN reporter slams Drudge’s charge that he ‘heckled’ McCain; Exclusive video confirms his claim  —  CNN reporter Michael Ware this morning hit back at news aggregator Matt Drudge who accused him on Sunday of ‘heckling’ Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham in a Baghdad press conference.

Discussion: AMERICAblog, Think Progress, Crooks and Liars, The Daily Whim, Power Line, Right Wing Nut House, News Bloggers Blog, Cliff Schecter, Hot Air, No More Mister Nice Blog, Instapundit.com, Let Freedom Ring, NewsBusters.org and Gateway Pundit


Allahpundit / Hot Air:
Video: CNN reporter denies heckling McCain; Update: Press conference …

Discussion: Redstate, Kesher Talk, Cliff Schecter, Media Blog, Public Eye, American Spectator and Little Green Footballs

Interesting comment from a newbie to LGF:

#103 Abu Al Gonzales 4/02/2007 11:36:05 am PDT

This “story” follows the good old Drudge formula to the letter:

1. St. McCain makes a Statement on the Senate floor about how “safe” Baghdad is.

2. Ware nails him for it.

3. St. McCain owns himself on camera in one of Baghdad’s “safe” ‘hoods.

4. Drudge publishes a steaming pile of half-baked and unsupportable bullshit about Ware “heckling” St. McCain – absent any evidence in support, other than the ubiquitous “unnamed source.”

5. The usual suspects run with the “story.”

6. Ware denies even asking St. McCain a question, which is clearly supported by the only piece of material made available to date.

7. Drudge “story” exposed as the pile of crap it is.

8. *crickets*

9. The story magically becomes REALLY about Ware being a drunk Islamohippy.

10. *Cut to the future* WaPo Editorial by John Solomon reporting the Pelosi plane story, Obama Maddrassa story, Edwards mansion story, troops hate Kerry story, death of Iranian cleric story, Jamil Hussein story Ware heckles McCain story as the most damning evidence of how “teh leftz” hate America.

Something tells me that Abu there won’t be too popular with most of the lizards.  Update:  Banned!

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