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Paranoia Run Amok

April 9, 2007

After a short break from posting in here (I’ve been out playing on other blogs the last few days), I figured I’d post something that cought my attention today: Princeton Law Prof Added to Terrorist Watch List after Criticizing Bush

A top Constitutional scholar from Princeton who gave a speech that slammed Bush’s executive overreach has been added to the TSA’s terrorist watch list. “I was denied a boarding pass because I was on the Terrorist Watch list,” he said. When he asked why, the clerk asked if he had been at any peace marches. We ban a lot of those people.

digg story

This hit the top story on Digg today.  Keep in mind that this appears to be second-hand info posted on a blog. This is the blog post in question.  It will be interesting to see if this really is true, and if it is, well, I’m kinda speechless.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence/mistake.  Or, maybe we really have seen the beginnings of some Orwellian fantasy world. In the meantime, I’ll be hiding under my desk.

Update:  Here is the link for the audio interview with Professor Walter F. Murphy…very interesting.  (Hat Tip: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater)…He was allowed to fly (after quite a hassle), but his luggage was ‘ransacked’.