Paranoia Run Amok

April 9, 2007

After a short break from posting in here (I’ve been out playing on other blogs the last few days), I figured I’d post something that cought my attention today: Princeton Law Prof Added to Terrorist Watch List after Criticizing Bush

A top Constitutional scholar from Princeton who gave a speech that slammed Bush’s executive overreach has been added to the TSA’s terrorist watch list. “I was denied a boarding pass because I was on the Terrorist Watch list,” he said. When he asked why, the clerk asked if he had been at any peace marches. We ban a lot of those people.

digg story

This hit the top story on Digg today.  Keep in mind that this appears to be second-hand info posted on a blog. This is the blog post in question.  It will be interesting to see if this really is true, and if it is, well, I’m kinda speechless.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence/mistake.  Or, maybe we really have seen the beginnings of some Orwellian fantasy world. In the meantime, I’ll be hiding under my desk.

Update:  Here is the link for the audio interview with Professor Walter F. Murphy…very interesting.  (Hat Tip: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater)…He was allowed to fly (after quite a hassle), but his luggage was ‘ransacked’.


  1. This sort of thing is why the expression “I love my country but fear my government ” was invented.

  2. Thanks for adding us to your Blogroll. We also added your site to ours, even though we don’t hate Bush.

  3. No problem, and thanks! I believe in having a diverse blogroll. I welcome opinions from all sides.

  4. I’m calling BS on this one.

    Have the PROF prove it, just saving it doesn’t mean zip!

  5. off the topic ChenZhen, check this out on my blog:
    I wrote something about you…

  6. Lee does have a point. A lot of the claims about how the Bush administration is turning into the Nazis domestically appear to be wildly exaggerated. The fact that we are still freely having these debates shows that the situation is not as dire as some would have us believe. Hitler had assumed emergency powers, dissolved the government, and basically made himself dictator within a year of taking office. And managed to get something like 85% of the vote in the referendum that allowed this. Bush has never been anywhere near as popular as Hitler, which alone makes me breath a huge sigh of relief. The Republic may be in trouble no doubt, but it’s not dead yet.

  7. I agree Doug. It is important to keep things in perspective. Our country and our Constitution might actually survive this president after all. knock, knock

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