Anyone Else Scared Of The Yip Yips As A Kid?

April 15, 2007

Since the blog was due for another video, and since my mind has been wondering tonight, I’ve decided to post something from Sesame Street.  That’s right.  Those crazy Yip Yips.  Memories from childhood.

Just watch this….

…and tell me how an average 4-year-old wouldn’t just freak the hell out.

Or is it just me?


  1. Hi ChenZhen; I used to watch the Arabic version of Sesame Street when I was a little kid (it wasn’t done by dubbing but was a complete knock-off from the English one), I still remember the hooting of those creatures “yip yip yip yip yip yip yip… aha aha” !…
    to be honest, back then I didn’t think there were scary (or I didn’t feel scared watching then); but now that I am grown up (?) I wouldn’t qualify these scenes as kids watch-worthy….
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Very scarrrrrrrry. The only old school S.S. character I really liked was Guy Smiley. He was pimp.Actually, I liked The Electric Company better

  3. These guys scared the hell out of me when I was a kid in the 70’s. Though they are ridiculous now, I can see how a young kid might find them unerving. How funny. 🙂

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