April 18, 2007

I gotta tell ya, there aren’t too many commercials on TV anymore that make me laugh.   This is probably due to the fact that I spent many hours sitting through marketing courses in college, and therefore learned to view commercials for what they are (someone trying to sell you something). Too bad, really.  On the plus side though, perhaps it makes me more qualified to acknowledge ad campaigns that actually excel, and feel confident in my judgement for giving them credit.  Or, maybe I’m just rambling.  Anyway, here’s Comcast’s favorite turtle couple….The Slowskys

Now, it’s pretty funny.  Or, maybe it’s exceptionally funny.  Why?  Because when I watch it, I’m somehow OK with the fact that it costs


a month for the privilege of posting about Bill and Karolyn Slowsky on this blog and occasionally spotting another Slowsky commercial while watching my Comcast HD cable box.  In fact, I think anyone with an informed opinion would consider that a ‘home run’.  Congrats Comcast!

P.S. As luck would have it, the Slowskys have a blog .  PING!

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