Silliest ’08 Election Sidebar Widget Yet

April 24, 2007

I know there are a lot of conservative bloggers out there who want Fred Thompson to run for president in ‘O8.  The prevailing slogan circling around is “Draft Thompson!“, and it is beginning to appear (in various forms) in the sidebars of conservative blogs everywhere.  So, I borrowed one:

Comments about crappy photoshopping aside, if it looks like Thompson’s face seems a bit foreign pasted inside of a WWII helmet….it’s because it is.  Thompson has never actually served in the military, so I’m not quite sure what kind of message a sidebar image like this is trying to send.   I suppose the logic is based on some focus group findings that a potential candidate’s face superimposed on an old WWII poster gets high marks.  Or not.   It’s probably anyone’s guess what inspired this, actually.  Who cares!  Thompson looks tough, and we’ve got a WoT to win.  Hooah!

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