Support Our Mercs!

May 3, 2007

It’s not hard to find ribbons these days.  It seems there are different colored ribbons for just about everything.  As hard as I tied, however, I couldn’t find any ribbon expressing support for the tens of thousands of mercenaries we have in Iraq right now.   So, I decided to whip one up:


Feel free to copy the image and distribute as you see fit.  Show your support for, um, whatever it is they’re doing over there.

Update: The NYT has an interesting article about the increase in contractor deaths, which reveals (inadvertantly, I think) how privatized this war really is:  Contractor Deaths in Iraq Soar to Record

WASHINGTON, May 18 — Casualties among private contractors in Iraq have soared to record levels this year, setting a pace that seems certain to turn 2007 into the bloodiest year yet for the civilians who work alongside the American military in the war zone, according to new government numbers.

At least 146 contract workers were killed in Iraq in the first three months of the year, by far the highest number for any quarter since the war began in March 2003, according to the Labor Department, which processes death and injury claims for those working as United States government contractors in Iraq.

That brings the total number of contractors killed in Iraq to at least 917, along with more than 12,000 wounded in battle or injured on the job, according to government figures and dozens of interviews.

The numbers, which have not been previously reported, disclose the extent to which contractors — Americans, Iraqis and workers from more than three dozen other countries — are largely hidden casualties of the war, and now are facing increased risks alongside American soldiers and marines as President Bush’s plan to increase troop levels in Baghdad takes hold.


  1. ChenZhen, is it true that soldiers are not allowed to blog anymore?

  2. Well, Another trip to The Peoples Republic Of Halliburton is no longer active. I’ll try sending him an email.

    EDIT: I just checked A.W.A.C., and it’s still there, so I’m not sure.

  3. Ok so I sent you an email explaining it a little, and then I seen this comment. So I think I should copy and paste the email here as well. I think that is a crime that they can argue that gays should be allowed in the military because they have the freedom of speech, but that we dont have the freedom of speech when it comes to anything else.

    I am more then likely going to make the blog active again really soon. This is a fight that I really didnt want to take up, but what have I got to lose at this point? What more can they do to me? Im already in Iraq again.

    Besides, if I end up in jail, at least my family can visit once in awhile. And I would be able to watch cable tv. And I cant imagine the food being worse.

    So give me a day or two, and I will see what kind of fight I will be up against.

    They changed the rules regarding military blogs. Basically we are not allowed
    to post anything anymore without first sending a copy of it to the commander
    and the security officer for review and approval.

    In other words I look at it the same as I do abu graib. The problem wasn’t
    that the soldiers were stacking naked prisoners, or torturing them. The
    problem was that the soldiers had cameras. So now they are no longer allowed
    to have cameras at the prison. It is a lot easier to control the information
    than the behaviour.

    And with the blogs, it is a lot easier to quiet the soldiers that are pissed
    off about the changes to the deployment periods and the ability to redeploy
    the guard units as often as they wish. And as long as the people back home don’t
    hear the truth about what we think of this war, then they can try and convince
    the american people that we are all just happy and that we are proud that we
    get extensions to our deployments, and we now get deployed more often, and
    that they are taking away our extra money for longer deployments with less
    time at home in return for 2 extra days off a month when we get home.

    As the old saying goes, the beatings will stop when the morale improves.

    I am considering putting it back up anyway. Just because Fuck Them


  4. Well, I could post it up on Kos for ya. That would probably get some people’s attention.

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