WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

May 25, 2007

I had an idea (strange, huh?). Originally I thought it would be neat to add political WordPress.com blogs in a special section of my blogroll, and create my own little community of amateur pundits that use the service. In a way, ALL WP.com bloggers are part of a community already, but I thought I’d start a club just for those who like to talk politics.

Most political bloggers will have blogs from other services in their blogroll.  Not everyone uses WP, after all.  There are advantages to staying within the community, however. One advantage would be ease of commenting. Once you’re logged in, you can hop from blog to blog without having to enter in tedious email info and quickly drop a comment (nice to have avatars too), and all discussions can easily be kept track of through the “my comments” section of our dashboards.  Another advantage: you don’t have to do a lot of work to ping these blogs.  All you have to do is link to a post, and it pings them immediately (leaving a pingback in the comments section).  With other blogs (or blog services), you may have to copy/paste trackback urls, and that can be a bit of a crap shoot.  It can work real slick for some blogs and not work at all for others (or at least I’ve discovered). Yet another advantage is how easy it is to search for tags within the community, but that is less special because services like technorati seem to be dialed into it as well. Anyway, you get the idea….

So, every so often, I’ll click on the WP ‘politics’ tag and check out what people are posting.  If I stumble upon a blog that I haven’t seen before, I’d just add it to the blogroll.  I’ve been adding a couple a week since I started it.  I’m sure there are more, so as time goes on this list will grow in my sidebar (under “wordpress political blogs”)

Then I started thinking. What if we formed some semi-formal alliance? A ‘club’ made up exclusively of WP.com political bloggers (right, left, and center) who could regularly exchange ideas and comment on others’ posts. So far I haven’t seen anything like that. Maybe it’s worth a shot?

I whipped up a ‘club’ button that we can put in the sidebar. You’ll have to forgive my photoshopping skills, but here goes:


If you want to add the button to your blog (it links back to this post), here is the code (with border):

<a href="https://chenzhen.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance"><img src="https://chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/wppoliblog1.jpg&quot; alt="WordPress Political Blogger" /></a>

WordPress Political Blogger

…and without a border:

<a href="https://chenzhen.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance"><img border="0" src="https://chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/wppoliblog1.jpg&quot; alt="WordPress Political Blogger" /></a>

WordPress Political Blogger

Update 11/2:  The alliance has become interactive!  The lowdown:

What I’m attemping to create here is a tool that we can use to make our blogs more lively and entertaining.  I’m not really forcing any obligations on anyone, so I don’t want you to get the impression that going along with this means that there’s going to be a whole list of expectations (beyond etiquette).  You don’t have to respond to every ping.   Just so you know.  

If you want to participate, there are just a few details…

  1. In order for this to work smoothly, everyone needs to create a page that can be pinged.  It took me about 2 min. to make mine: https://chenzhen.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ .  And I need to know the link so that I can consolidate them, so just post it in that thread or respond in email once you’ve whipped it up.  That’s really the only requirement.  A handful of you already have done this, and the pings work beautifully.  The idea here is to compose a code that is easy to paste in your post that allows you to ping everyone in the alliance at the same time.*
  2. I don’t really like the idea of any one blogger “abusing” the tool by using it to try to dominate the discussion.  In other words, if you’re calling out and pinging the alliance 3 times a day it might get a little annoying.  Sure, it’s easy enough to just ignore such a thing, but nevertheless I think it would be akin to blog whoring just for the sake of blog whoring.  It’s kind of a fine line, and we’ll probably tweak the guidelines as we go forward, but for now I’ll stick with a rule of 1 per day max.  No minimums, since some of you might prefer to comment only.  And, it probably goes without saying, but we don’t want to double up on a topic either, so try to make sure that a story or headline hasn’t already had pings sent by someone else first.  If it has, and you’ve got your own unique analysis that you just spent like 2 hrs on, just link to that thread in your post instead.  We’ll see it.  Make sense?
  3. Be somewhat civilized.  This might be the hard part, ’cause a) there’s a very diverse crowd being pinged and b) it’s the internet.  In debate, you win by attacking the argument or idea, and you lose once you resort to attacking the person (there is a difference).  Keep that mindset, and we’ll be fine.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good blog war.  This will be a bit of a free-for-all, so I hope people are relatively thick-skinned when it comes to having  logic, facts, position, etc. challenged.  We’ll just have to see how this goes, cause I’m not sure if anyone has really tried anyting like this before. 
  4. This is about “politics”, so use the “politics” tag/category when you post, and only send the pings when you post about “politics”.  You might have a cool car, for example, but please don’t ping the whole group to show off the latest pics you just posted.  Also, consistent use of the “politics” tag in general means more views from the wider wordpress.com audience.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy as individuals to block urls and IP’s if #2 or 3 becomes a problem for someone.

* The up-to-date code can always be found in my sidebar (——>): 

Founder of the

WordPress Political Blog Alliance

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

Simply copy the “WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance” and paste it at the bottom of your post. Once your post is published, it will send a ping back to everyone in the alliance.  Easy!

Update 11/4: A tag (category) specifically for the alliance:

WordPress Political Blogs

Create the “WordPress Political Blogs” category and add it to your alliance-oriented posts.  In2thefray and I have already added the RSS feed for this tag in our sidebars, so we can see the latest offerings right on our blogs:

RSS WP.com political blog alliance

Even better, if everyone uses the tag consistently, the above link will provide a great chronological record of the posts within the alliance. In addition, you will have a record of your own contributions to the alliance in your sidebar (assuming you have added the “categories” widget).  Remember to use “WordPress Political Blogs” exactly (alternate spellings and abbreviations will be a different tag, technically)



  1. Great idea!

  2. I like it and I love the logo. I’ll put it on my blog when you get the code.

  3. arrrgghhh….hang on a sec 🙂

    WP makes it a little tricky to put code in there like that. Also, the inclusion of a dropdown box sends it into fits as well. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

  4. Great idea, I appreciate you putting me on there too.

  5. Chen:
    Don’t worry when you get it we will come. Have a great weekend.

  6. Update: FIXED! Damn…my kung fu is strong lol
    BTW- This thing is very fussy with code. It’s kinda dumb when you try to switch from visual to code, so I suppose if I go in and edit it again it will screw it all up. Anyway, just for the record, if you want to display code on your blog there is a converter on this site. All you do is paste the html you are trying to display in there, click ‘encode’ and it will convert it to the code you would enter in your post. Essentially, all the tags are converted to their other form. Funky!

    Update: Added another one….liberalpost.wordpress.com

  7. I just added the button on my blog. Great idea. Thanks for including me.

  8. Cool idea. Thanks for adding me.

  9. Thanks gang!
    You may have noticed that the blogroll is pretty diverse. I feel it’s important to have dialogue with all sides of the spectrum. It can keep us intellectually honest, and guards against ‘group think’ (not to mention spouting outright falsehoods). In a way, we’re helping each other out. After all, what fun would blogging be if people agreed with you all the time?
    I encourage the group to stay civil while not being afraid to challenge each other. Try to refrain from ad hominems or personal attacks though, Ok? Let’s see how it goes…
    BTW- It probably goes without saying, but if you spot more recruits go ahead and post them in here.

  10. thanks so much for including hysterical raisins, chenzhen! i would love to add the club button. this is a great idea.

  11. I added the button. Thanks for the nod.


  12. Great idea! Thanks for adding me!

  13. Agree with most above, great idea.

  14. Good to see this catching on!

    I added a few more to the list. It also dawned on me that the timing of this idea works out pretty well, as I see more and more blogs popping up that are more or less geared towards the 2008 election. It should be interesting around here for the next year and a half.

    Another thing- I added more tags to this post (basically every politically-themed tag I had in the arsenal) to help other WPers find us. I think I’ll add some more next time I update the list.

  15. OK, I have added the logo and have it linked back to here, I would appreciate being listed on this WP Politics Roll… Thanks much, Fred

  16. I appreciate the interest Texas, but your site kinda violates what I put in the 2nd paragraph there. In other words, while you do use WordPress software, you aren’t part of the “community” of bloggers who use the service for free. (The tell-tale sign is that you dont have an avatar in the comments.) We’re not ‘logged in” to your site to leave comments without having to enter name/email/website info, and your posts don’t show up on our wordpress page. I like your site, and have added you to my blogroll, but I’ve intentionally excluded sites like yours from the ‘alliance’ for this reason. Sorry for the confusion.

  17. Your loss… I could bring you a lot og WP bloggers that AREN’T ‘leeching’… Oh well…

  18. Another thing, everyone on that list was invited.

  19. I’ve been in and out of town so I just saw this. Great idea and thanks for the inclusion.

  20. I love the idea! Please add us! http://www.thesouthpaw.wordpress.com Thanks!

  21. Ok…I added a few more. PING!

    And just for the record, these blogs don’t have to be posting about politics 100% of the time (I certainly don’t), but I’ve made an effort to make sure that these blogs do it often enough to know they’re interested. In other words, I just don’t pick any ol blog that has used a ‘politics’ tag.

  22. I like it, and I’m going to add it to


  23. OK- The list gets a little longer.

  24. One more update. I added the RSS feed tor the ‘politics’ tag in my sidebar. Now we’re talkin’!

  25. Wonderful idea! Definately going to add it.


  26. Great idea! Thanks for the add…

  27. Another update. I gotta tell ya, that RSS feed makes it super simple to find you guys. 😉

  28. This is a cool Idea..I like it

  29. Nice idea. Could you add http://www.mdvp.wordpress.com? Thanks.

  30. Added some more blogs to the mix. Thanks again to all who have added the button!

  31. This is a great idea and a great blog. Thanks

  32. It is an interesting resource. Good luck with it’s growth. CZ interesting blog overall. See you around the community

  33. Another update. Added a few more bloggers to the list.

    Also, I totally forgot about the convenience of “my comments” when it comes to tracking discussions, so I added that little detail to the post.

  34. i guess i’ve been hiding, even though i use that category a lot. at any rate, i’m adding your icon-link-thingy to the otherwhirled.

    hysterical raisins sent me.

  35. What a great list!

    Several are among my favorite bloggers too. Keep up the good work!

  36. Welcome newbies!

  37. I shall add your button.

  38. great list. Feel fee to add my site to the list if you think it meets your standards!


  39. Is it weird that I’m reminded of sonar men when I do this:



  40. LOVE THE SITE AND LOGO YOU CREATED– thx. I just started a political blog– check it out.. gopnews.wordpress.com

  41. We’re also poli-bloggers on WordPress, and we’d be honored if you would consider adding us! http://forthardknox.com and http://jennsierra.com.


  42. Jenn-

    That second link there sends me to the main wordpress.com page.

    EDIT: OK I found you: http://jennsierrafhk.wordpress.com/

    It appears that the jenn sierra site meets the requirements outlined in the post, but the Ft. Knox one doesn’t (different commenting system). So, I’ll add the 1 site.

  43. Please add my blog to the list. Just moved over to wordpress hosted on a great hosting service.

    thanks and keeping fighting the fight.


  44. Chuck-

    Your blog appears to use wordpress software but it isn’t hosted on wordpress.com (?) The alliance is really only for the wordpress.com community. Sorry for the confusion.

  45. Man…. 😦 okay… I’ll remove the banner 😥

  46. I saw this via From the Left. This sounds like a very cool idea.

  47. Came across this while blog hopping. I hope you won’t mind if I post the logo on my blog. I’m from the Southern Philippines.


  48. Welcome karlo!

  49. Thanks! 😀

  50. Add Yikes! to the list! http://yikes101.wordpress.com


  51. Nice site BAC! You’re in.

    BTW- I updated this page again. All the recent additions should show up on this page (it’s been a little while).

    Also, we lost someone (Byrne’s Rightings is now defunct), but since Ed is back from the People’s Republic of Halliburton, it’s kind of a wash. 🙂 I for one am excited to see what Ed has to say. I try to make an effort to check in with all the bloggers on the list periodically, but if you discover someone on there who is no longer active, please let me know.

  52. Hi, can I join?

  53. Well, Baltimoron, this is really for bloggers whose sites are hosted on wordpress.com.

  54. […] October 26th, 2007 As in2thefray recently suggested, I think it’s time to try to use the WP Political Blogger Alliance more interactively.  One idea would be a situation where I would occasionally post something […]

  55. Well, i have added the button and wish to join… your Kung-Fu is strong… Snap Crack Wooosh… Ti Kwan Leap!

  56. Hi Ed.

    I added the button, too.


  57. Hi Deb and Ed. Me too.

  58. What a great idea! Thanks! I put the button on my blog, too!


    No Compromises when it comes to being Right!

  59. You have been added to the D=S family blogroll, now don’t go gettin all liberal on me now…


  60. Is there any reason you can’t open this up to WP.org political blogs? I assume since you specifically refer to WP.com blogs that you’ve done this for a reason. But if you’re interested in opening it up to all WP blog, let me know. Mine is a WP.org self-hosted blog.

  61. Through night time vision, God has directed me towards your Interweb so that I may spread His word of Truth.

    Dominionists for Tancredo 2008


    2007 Weblog Award Finalist
    (multiple categories, including Best Political Weblog (Dominionist category)

  62. Through night time vision, God has directed me towards your Interweb so that I may spread His word of Truth.

    I’m not sure if that means I’m doing smething right…or what.

  63. Hmmm … not sure if I really want to follow Rev. Paul T. Hippie, but here I am, anyway.

    Here’s the page:


    Is that what you need?

  64. wickle-

    Thanks! You’re in. I added your link to the code in my sidebar.

  65. Brother or Sister ChenZhen

    Dominionists for Tancredo 2008 is my award winning Weblog, a God-Inspired calling working hard for the betterment of our great nation, which just so happens to desperately need Rep. Tom Tancredo as our next President in order to secure our borders and our Christian Way of Life.

    You would be an answer to my Prayers to God by putting Dominionists for Tancredo 2008 on your ‘webblogroll’–if for any other reason than to offset the abomination of the numerous Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee weblogrolls on your weblogrolls.

    If we don’t get the word out about Rep. Tom Tancredo, my fear is that the Dark Side will win this election. We can’t allow that to happen!

    Yours in Christ the Son

    2007 Weblog Award Finalist
    (multiple categories, including Best Political Weblog (Dominionist category)

  66. RPTH- Your prayers have been answered.

    BTW- “Brother” ChenZhen has a great feel to it. Thanks!

  67. I’m adding the button to mine — please add me to the alliance.


  68. My button is up. Thanks for including me in the alliance.

  69. I’ve added your button to our wordpress site … VirginiaDem.org

  70. virginiadem- Go ahead and make a ping page if you want, and I’ll add you to the code.

  71. OK, code updated. We’re starting to run out of letters!

  72. This is my first encounter with the alliance. ChenZhen kindly invited me on board, so yeah.. Hope I can contribute somewhat to good discussions here and there.

    I think I might be the first Muslim in the group. Will be posting some stuff from my point of view, albeit not too frequently as I’m not really a power-blogger.

    P.S. My, that’s a lot of spam comments right there –>

  73. Sphinx- Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that Heathlander is a British Muslim. Regardless, we’re getting a really good mix. Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, conservatives, liberals, an Iraq war vet, etc.

    BTW- Thanks for the ping page- code is updated again.

  74. Welcome sphinx and Chen you forgot to mention the requisite village idiot, yours truly…

  75. Yo Chen! You still have a letter with my name on it? 😉 -NOIP

  76. You’re in!

  77. you rock

  78. Oh yeah, bandwagon.

    Sorry, I’m a tad slow.

  79. You got the big P, Psycheout. I was savin’ it for ya.


    In light of these recent updates, I’ll send out an email to remind everyone.

  80. Come on Chen, back it up. 🙂

  81. […] email that I thought was kinda interesting, and I figured I should share it with the rest of the Alliance: Dear […]

  82. I’ll take a big “P.”

    D’oh! Thanks!

  83. Here is my page:


  84. I’d add you, but I’m a bit concerned by your overuse of the “teh”.

    hmmm…pending review, definitely

  85. Thanks, though I don’t actually use “teh” that much at all.

  86. and your avatar reminds me of the old “public enemy” logo..so, you know…we’ll have to see…

  87. […] it is my intention to continue blogging in the ‘08 and am especially looking forward to the WordPress Political Blogger Alliance group post on the 20th. This should be pretty cool. We’re at 12 different and diverse blogs […]

  88. Hi everyone! I want to let you all know I’m joining the alliance. This is a really great idea and I’m excited that I’m going to be a part of it.


  89. Ping page added and code updated!

    BTW- Today I got 8 pings from you guys. Nice work!

  90. Welcome Fundamental Freedom!

    Ping page added and code updated!

  91. This is a rightwing site posing as a liberal one. Part of the new dirty tricks campaign of the RNC and their swiftboating plan.

  92. The visionary masterminds have figured us out oh no

  93. I guess my RNC check got lost in the mail?

  94. […] sources or evidence.  Some have even visited me here in the Chamber, and recently I’ve even been accused of being involved in a conspiracy (of […]

  95. Mitt Romney a True Flip Flopper come join us and post a comment on how Mitt Romney continues to Flip Flop Daily, come read articles, and watch video at.

    [Blog Pimp emblem awarded – CZ]

  96. yuiy

  97. Thank you for online organizing. I added your button to my site, and look forward to participating in the alliance.

    Backyard Beacon (imby.wordpress.com)

  98. Hey A.M. I like your site. You’re in!

    (Ping page added and code updated)

  99. Hey Chen,

    I just got started on WP in November, but I want to get it on the alliance. Check it out:


  100. tommypaine- Looks pretty good, and it’s nice to see another Obama supporter. Let me know if you have any questions.

  101. Yo Chen, I can vouch for Tommypaine… he’s cool.

  102. Great, thanks.

  103. So is this supposed to generate traffic from political blog fans to our sites?

  104. rkref- The traffic thing is kinda secondary. It’s more about sharing our posts with others who are enthusiastic about the subject matter, but with differing views. A way of stimulating debate and learning from each other. The wp.com format allows us to easily track our conversations (via “my comments” in the dashboard) and consolidate our posts in one place (via the “wordpress political blogs” tag), so that’s why I’ve limited membership to those bloggers exclusively. The button (thanks for adding it, btw) links back to this post as sort of a meeting place to introduce new members and share ideas.

    There are some who participate more than others but overall I think we’ve had a good time thus far.

  105. Sounds like a great idea. I’m not sure a special page would really work on my blog. Is this critical for your purposes?

  106. rkref- you have a couple options:

    1. If don’t want to have the new page appear on your blog as a tab, there is a way around that (check the wp.com FAQ)

    2. A post would work just as well, and if you wanted to you could even backdate it so that it doesn’t appear on your front page. I just need the url so I can add it to the code.

    Overall, the ping page/post is nice to have, but I’d say that using the special tag is more important because more people are using it. A lot of us use both, however.

  107. Hello my fellow WordPress Political Bloggers! I think this is a great idea and look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

  108. Welcome Kay!

    I updated the code with your ping page.

  109. Welcome aboard 🙂

  110. Hey ChenZhen, really late in adding the pingback page, looking forward to participating more actively.

  111. Hiya Dan. Welcome to the alliance!

    Your ping page is now enshrined in the code.

  112. Hi Everyone!

    I’m new to the WPPBA as of yesterday and wanted to drop by to say hello to everyone. I’m the proprietor of Words From a Wicked Woman where I write about anything political and/or LGBT and/or dealing with religion. I’ve also been known to delve into anything related to Apple, Inc.–one of my favorite topics.

    I am so very glad that CZ began this group and I truly look forward to reading your thoughts and comments as time goes on.


  113. We’re starting to run out of letters!

    Ping page added and code updated.

  114. Hi Chen,
    I am by ono means jumping ship just yet but I would gladly give up my letter to another… I only ask, out of respect for the D=S name it go to a right leaning blog 🙂

  115. TRM, I’m ashamed of you! The solution isn’t to make those who have letters give them up, but to grow the number of letters so that there are more letters to go around!

    What, are you becoming some kind of Commie? 😉

    We could give credit to CZ for the idea and expand the code to “ChenZhen’s WordPress.com Political Bloggers Alliance,” thus adding a few letters. Or we could just go nuts and expand it in any of these ways:

    Alliance of Political Bloggers on WordPress.com (which only adds a little on its own, but opens up the option for adjectives … “Thoughtful Alliance,” “Sacred Alliance,” “Unholy Alliance,” “Rebel Alliance”)

    WordPress.com Political Junkies’ Bloggers’ Alliance

    Ever-Expanding WordPress.com Political Bloggers’ Alliance

    … or the tag line could even be expanded from just being a label to sort of a statement, if we really needed more room:

    Another contribution to the WordPress.com Political Bloggers’ Alliance (again, adjectives can be used eventually … “Another thoughtful contribution,” etc.) … and even into a real sentence:

    This is another contribution …”

    Give growth a chance!

  116. wickle- the solution would most likely be to simply add periods or backslashes or something.

    A little while ago Psycheout (Blogs 4 Conservatives) developed this really cool javascript code that made it easy to for me add ping pages, so I’ll run it by him too.

  117. Sure, sure, whatever … but I wanted the opportunity to make the gag. TRM was being gracious, but I had to go for the redistribution joke, didn’t I?

  118. Actually I kind of get a headache when I look at this:

    <p align="center"><font size="1"><a href="https://chenzhen.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="ChenZhen’s Chamber">W</a><a href="http://gto7.wordpress.com/test/trackback/&quot; title="No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!">o</a>r<a href="http://editoriale.wordpress.com/2007/11/05/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="editoriale">d</a><a href="http://newerleft.wordpress.com/alliance/trackback/&quot; title="New(er)Left">P</a>r<a href="http://blog.vivianpaige.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="VIVIAN J. PAIGE">e</a><a href="http://realmofthesphinx.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance-corner/trackback/&quot; title="Realm of the Sphinx">s</a><a href="http://bmac20.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="A Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever">s</a><a href="http://virginiadem.wordpress.com/about/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="VirginiaDem.org">.</a>c<a href="http://suzieqq.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Suzie-Q">o</a>m <a href="http://blogs4conservatives.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Blogs 4 Conservatives">P</a><a href="http://ubikcan.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="ubikcan">o</a><a href="http://imby.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Backyard Beacon">l</a><a href="http://democratequalssocialist.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="D=S">i</a><a href="http://arclightzero.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Pro Patria">t</a><a href="http://usjamerica.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-bloggers-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="The United States of Jamerica">i</a><a href="http://incontiguousbrick.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="The Incontiguous Brick">c</a>a<a href="http://mpinkeyes.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Wake Up America">l</a> <a href="http://whitenoiseinsanity.wordpress.com/wp-political-bloggers-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="White Noise Insanity">B</a><a href="http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/word-press-political-blog-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Nice Deb">l</a>o<a href="http://virtualbourgeois.wordpress.com/wp-political-bloggers-alliance-page/trackback/&quot; title="Virtual Bourgeois">g</a><a href="http://moralauthority.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Absolute Moral Authority">g</a>e<a href="http://mikk2.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="HYSTERICAL RAISINS">r</a> <a href="http://yikes101.wordpress.com/political/trackback/&quot; title="Yikes!">A</a><a href="http://fundamentalfreedom.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Fundamental Freedom">l</a><a href="http://thewickedwoman.com/about/wp-political-blogger-alliance-ping-page/trackback/&quot; title="Words From A Wicked Woman">l</a><a href="http://nedraggett.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Ned Raggett Ponders It All">i</a><a href="http://fitnessfortheoccasion.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-bloggers-alliance/trackback/&quot; title="Fitness For The Occasion">a</a><a href="http://in2thefray.wordpress.com/wp-pap/trackback/&quot; title="in2thefray">n</a><a href="http://1truebeliever.wordpress.com/alliance/trackback/&quot; title="A True Believerâ??s Weblog">c</a><a href="http://edgruberman.wordpress.com/my-clan/trackback/&quot; title="Ed Gruberman">e</a></font></p>


  119. LOL Wickle,,, it actually took me a few minutes to catch the joke….. up late last night playing cards…. came in 2nd!!!!! cha ching!!!$$$

  120. ChenZhen..

    I like to join my blog Ideas and Revolution that has come active again to the WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance once get approval from you.


    I do have question… Understand need to setup a new page and make a tag/category for the alliance but how do we use this code you speak of?


  121. MJ-

    I do have question… Understand need to setup a new page and make a tag/category for the alliance but how do we use this code you speak of?

    Simply copy the “WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance” (located in my sidebar) and paste it at the bottom of your post. Once your post is published, it will send a ping back to everyone in the alliance (because each letter is a link to a different member’s ping page). Make sense?

  122. ChenZhen…

    OK I made the page – http://ideasandrevolution.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/

    I also added the button, the feed and the category. Added the tag to a recent post to test and the ping showed up on your pingback page.

    If so kind to add my site to the code…


  123. MJ-

    There is a problem with the page. Also chekc you make sure that your “allow pings” box is checked.

  124. ChenZhen…

    Oops… Had page still set to private so should be OK now.

  125. MJ-

    Looks good! I’ve updated the code.

  126. Feb 19…anyone else havng WordPress troubles? I see by this comment box that I AM logged in, but I can’t get into my acccount.

  127. DOS attack. They fixed it. Awesome.

  128. Thanks for the hook up–and hello all fellow political bloggers–check me out and tell me who you are so I can add you to my blogroll.


  129. ChenZhen…

    I changed my domain for my blog so could you update the code please?

    Ideas and Revolution



  130. Done. Code updated.

  131. Hi,
    Interesting blog.

  132. Hey Hey Hey

    Inserting my Blog as well.


  133. How can I vote for Barak Obama when his key phrase is “Change You Can Believe In”. They ended his phrase in a prepostion! Is he just going for the illiterate vote? Just wondering and confused…..

  134. Please add TSJ to this collective.
    We are in full support.


  135. The Bruce-

    There is a 404 error message for that page.

  136. Corrected.


  137. ChenZhen…


    I like that the WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance allows blogs from the whole political spectrum but should it include hate sites?

    I am talking about -> No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right! http://gto7.wordpress.com/

    It’s nothing but a Muslim hate site and peaches xenophobia and it really has nothing to do with politics.

    Does it really need to be part of the alliance?

  138. MJ-

    My inclusion of anyone in alliance certainly doesn’t constitute any endorsement on my part of any particular viewpoint.

    There, disclaimer added.

    That said, I can see where you are coming from, and I agree to a certain extent that it’s pretty clear that NC has a problem with Muslims and/or Islam. In that sense I’ve already taken it under advisement.

    Personally, I’d prefer that blogs like NC weren’t somwhat commonplace on the web, but the truth is, they are. Perhaps my rationale for having NC in there is I can say that he represents that particular corner of the blogosphere for the alliance’s broad reach.

    And remember that as an alliance member, he has given himself a little extra exposure to those that would direct ire at him, so by all means go ahead. So far I have not seen him delete any comments or ban anyone, and he’s just as fair game as anyone else.

  139. ChenZhen…

    I understand what you are saying but this is a political blog alliance yes? His blog is strictly religious argument based and sorry it’s just a hate site.

    It is not true he has not banned anyone since I seemed to be banned myself. He does not promote discussion since No Compromises has deleted my comments just because of a strong counter opinion against comments by him or other people’s comments. He considers them personal attacks but when one of his buddies leaves a comment that is personally attacking me and not a counter argument those seem to be OK. I did not bring this up in my first comment because wanted the site looked at because of its content and not because I was personally banned.

  140. Mj-

    There are certainly plenty of political themed posts on the site. Just check the category roll.

    And I can’t stop any member of the alliance from banning and/or deleting other members. I knew going into this that there would probably be members that can’t and won’t get along (see #3 above). But the idea with the alliance was simply to facilitate a free exchange of ideas with bloggers of very diverse ideologies. While I think that it’s regrettable that there is this stuff going on, ultimately all the Alliance is is a group that has agreed to interact with each other using pings and the tag. However, if NC has squelched any dissenting opinion and is clearly not participating in the Alliance in the spirit in which it is intended, then sure, I see no reason to have it in there. Again, I’m taking it under advisement and I encourage any other members’ opinion on it, so thanks for your input.

    If you want to, you (or anyone else) can personally blacklist NC by adding the url to your askimet spam filter. In theory, that should stop any of NC’s pings from showing up on your site and prohibit any comments.

  141. ChenZhen…

    Not worried about the pingbacks but his hate posts show up on the Alliance feed. Just was thinking member blogs should be about politics and not promoting some brand of hate.

  142. Trouble in alliance land?

  143. […] past week, a certain blogger at Word Press Political Alliance (scroll to bottom for discussion) decided that he didn’t like what I had to say about the […]

  144. The Dude Abides.

  145. The Dude Abides.


  146. http://republicanfail.wordpress.com/
    Can I play?


  147. Hey Chen, may I get in on this?

  148. R F and Red Pill-

    You two are welcome to use the “WordPress Political Blogs” tag in your politically-themed posts, and if you have a ping page created, go ahead and post it here.

    BTW- Red Pill, check your email, I sent you an invite to join already.

  149. http://republicanfail.wordpress.com/wpb/

    Here ya go. Thx.

  150. OK R F is in. Ping code updated.

  151. http://theredpill67.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/

    Thanks Chen.

  152. Sorry, just read the comment about running out of letters and figured I would help the cause.

    Let’s try this instead.


  153. CZ,
    I created a page for the alliance and have been getting pinged but I’m not sure other blogs are getting pinged by me. What might I be doing wrong? My alliance page is:


    Thanks for any light you can shed.


  154. Rutherford-

    Well, you pinged me today! Just make sure that you’re using the latest version of the ping code (always in my sidebar) and you should send pings. There has always been an issue that not everyone gets pinged every time. That is a wordPress issue and there’s not much we can do about that.

    I have noticed, however, that the more times you go to ‘edit’ and ‘save’ your post, the more likely that many people will be pinged. It’s almost as if the system “retrys” each time. I dunno.

  155. […] chenzhen.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/wor… […]

  156. Just writing to let everyone know we’re new to the group and can’t wait to jump in. Great idea!


  157. dickard-

    The Alliance is for blogs that are hosted on wordpress.com only.

  158. CZ, I realized that my entries weren’t pinging because I wasn’t pasting the “code” at the bottom of my posts. Now all seems to be well.

    One question, how do I “qualify” to get my blog listed under your list of blogs in the Alliance?


  159. Rutherford-

    I added your blog to the blogroll. It was an oversight on my part, so sorry about that.

    BTW- Have you thought about an avatar?

  160. Haven’t given too much thought to an avatar but I guess it would beat the anonymous silhouette. I’ll try to come up with one.

  161. Nice and unique. I like it.

  162. Hey Chen, add the Dude to your blogroll. You know you love it.

  163. Oh Mama, Obama! The Crazy Uncle Is Back!

  164. Hello sir. I added your ‘Political Blog’ icon to my site on a dedicated page, and I also added you to my blogroll.

  165. Hello sir. I added your ‘Political Blog’ icon to my site on a dedicated page, and I also added you to my blogroll.

    MJ, is that you? I dunno if it’s necessary to have ping pages for 2 of your sites.

  166. This club is a great idea. I’m goint to add you to my blogroll and hopefully you will add my blog to this club.

  167. Check out my blog at 2DudesOnPolitics.com and let me know what you think

  168. ChenZhen…

    “MJ, is that you? I dunno if it’s necessary to have ping pages for 2 of your sites.”

    No, That is not me.

    I do have a question… Why do my posts no longer appear on your WP Political Blogger Alliance pingback page?

  169. ChenZhen,

    My apologies if I’ve caused you any confusion. I requested membership to the WP Blogger Alliance in a prior comment, but the page I constructed was mapped incorrectly. The problem is resolved.

    I have added the ‘WP Blogger Alliance’ logo and have it linked back here. It appears on my home page and on a dedicated page. Both pages are pingable. I have listed you on my blogroll as well.


    I would appreciate being listed on this WP Political Blogger Roll.

    Also, please be advised that you seem to have me confused with MJ “revoltingpawn” My blog is separate from his.

    Please comment if I have failed to provide anything else you may need. Thanks.

  170. Hey, could you add me to this alliance as well? I’m new to this and not too sure what I’m doing. My page that you advised me to make is here.

  171. virgomonkey-

    Page comes up as “not found”.

  172. I would like to add your link to my blog, shoot me an email if you don’t mind and give/deny permission!

  173. For some reason I couldn’t post a response in this thread a couple days ago…just giving it another shot.


    If you could add my site to the alliance list I’d appreciate it! =)

  174. Thanks Cloak, your blog has submitted for review by the Chamber Council!

  175. Thanks man! Lemme know after the decision is made. I’m only 60% clear on how this ping business works. haha.

  176. OK Cloak, you’re in! Ping page added and code updated.

  177. Thanks! I put ya’s in my blogroll. Do other people’s pings just start appearing on my ping page eventually or I need to do something first?

  178. No you’re fine, the pings should show up eventually, as the others begin to use the updated code with your link in it.

  179. Is this alliance only for conservatives?

  180. virgomonkey-

    Huh? That’s kinda funny, ’cause I could have sworn way back when that NiceDeb complained that it was just the opposite.

    Anyway, no, it’s for everyone, as I state in the thread, the goal was to get bloggers from across the political spectrum. Honestly, I think it turned out pretty well. Sure, there’s some ebb and flow, and at times it may appear that all the recent posts are from members of one side or another, but it does have a good balance. New members may come in and tip it to one side or the other, but the more people we have, the greater likelihood that we’ll have active members of all stripes. That was the idea anyway.

  181. Oh cool. Thanks CZ. I may try and do this again. I appreciate what you do here!

  182. Whew. I think I’m almost done. I’ve got my page here for your review and your records.

    I also have the sticker, and you’re on my blogroll. :mrgreen:

  183. Chen, in order to grow the community at Cadillac Tight I am not going to be cross-posting at my blog. So go ahead and remove my old link and add this one, please.


  184. Virgomonkey- You’re in! Congratulations, you got the last letter in the code. It got me thinking…from here on forward, I could

    a)add more characters to the code

    b)make an effort to replace inactive members with active ones, keeping the number of members that are in the code constant, and ensure it isn’t a collection of deadbeats.

    I’m leaning towards b. There are probably a half dozen members that have pages in the code who really don’t participate, so when a new member comes along and wants in, I can make a judgement call there.

    However, anyone can use the “WordPress Political Blogs” tag, since there’s no inherent limit to that. Heck, there are people using the tag that I didn’t know were out there, so the more the better as far as that goes (so long as the posts that use the tag are political in nature, and not an attempt to alert the community of, say, a newborn family member or the fact that you landed a new job).

    Red Pill- Sweet! I’ve replaced your page with the Cadillac Tight page.

    Happy blogging everyone! Now play nice!

  185. Thanks Chen!

  186. Hi Chen,

    I think I’ve done this right. Pingback page is:


    Let me know what I screwed up on.

    Thanks for this btw. Great idea.

  187. Hey Chen,
    I’ve been doing this for a while, and honestly, the postback thing doesn’t seem to be working terribly well. I’m thinking of dropping it (and asking to be dropped from the code that links to different wp political bloggers). The pingbacks are more annoying than helpful.

    That said, I think the idea of having blogs to respond to is a great idea, and wonder if there might be another way to do it? If we all used a simple tag (politicalblogs) or something like that, we could just subscribe to the wordpress.com feed for that tag, and see posts we like as they pop up. This has the added advantage of allowing the more vociferous posters to go wild without annoying us with excessive postbacks.

    What do you think?

  188. Dan-

    Yea I understand the drawbacks with the ping code and having a page, and if you want to drop yours, that’s fine.

    There already is a tag for the alliance (wordpress political blogs) that has been used by most of us for quite some time now. You weren’t using it?

  189. Chen, that sounds good. (I should have been using that tag all along! Oy!

  190. Chen,

    This is a great idea! I only wish I had known about it before because it fits so well with my blog called GreatDebater. I would love to join the alliance. Also, if you’d like to exchange blogroll links with me please visit: http://greatdebater.wordpress.com/2008/06/25/why-i-blog/ and leave your URL there. The purpose of my blog is to generate debate on anything and everything that matters. Cheers.


  191. Here sir is the pingback page:

    The blogs name is In One Ear…Out the Other and the main page is here:

  192. Is there anyway of knowing that I’ve linked with alliance correctly. I’m interested in how the ping system works. Maybe you could visit my site or do what is it that you do and tell me if I’m all set.



  193. CM’Blog-

    I checked out your site, and you don’t have to put the button in each of your posts. Here is the how-to for the ping code:



    Nice job with the ping page. I’ll get to adding the link to the code pretty soon.

    But I think that the use of the tag (see updates in the post) is the most important thing for alliance members. The ping pages are kinda neat, but they don’t really work like I’d hoped for whatever reason.

  194. […] July 9th of 2008 will be known as DebaterBrawl. Same blog, same domain, with a better name. Cheers! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)SidetrackedNew Look!Am I Slipping into […]

  195. Chen, thanks.

    Knowing that I don’t have to place the button in every post is a relief. I went to the How-To page and instead placed the updated code in my posts.

    I’m thinking the next step will be creating a political alliance page on my blog for visitors to keep up on pings. When I have it up, I’ll post think link so you can add me to the master list.

    Thanks again,

  196. CM’Blog-

    OK, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you figured out the ping code, but I just got hit with a barrage of pings over here! LOL Now I know that you’re just catching up and all that, so in the future, please keep in mind the tenative ping rules above call for a max of one per day.

    There is no limit to the use of the tag, however.

  197. Chen,

    I Apologize for that. I’ll keep that in mind.


  198. Hey Chen, can I be removed from the WPBA? Thanks.

  199. You getting some unsavory visitors?

  200. Yeah…and I don’t really make any use of it either. I’ll continue to use the tag though.

  201. I’m thinking that I’m going to put the ping page thing up for a review. The tag works wonderfully, but the pings are hit and miss, I’ll admit.

    So at this point I’d say that tag use is the most important thing, and if you have an extra RSS widget for it that you can throw in your sidebar, even better. If everyone did that, I’d say abandon the ping pages altogether.

  202. Interesting. I’m getting code pings from blogs I haven’t heard of or seen before.

    And on the surface they don’t appear to be splogs.

  203. I haven’t really seen splogs show up in any tagged feeds…. yet.

    An rss widget sounds good. I whipped up a graphic for it (feel free to use it), and here is the code:

    <a href=”http://wordpress.com/tag/wordpress-political-blogs/feed/”><img src=”wp_political_blogs.jpg”></a>

  204. Great idea! I added the link and graphic to my blog. Now to add the pingback.

  205. I’m trying to set-up my blog correctly. I put the code into a page on my site. If this is correct please add me to the list or if it’s wrong please tell me what I need to do. Here’s the link: http://www.killerbuffalo.com/?page_id=110

    Also, thanks a lot for setting this up for everyone. We political blogs have got to stick together.

  206. Sorry David but to be in the alliance, your blog has to be hosted on wordpress.com (as opposed to simply using wordpress software).

  207. Damn. I’ll take down the page then. Thanks for the help though, and best of luck. It’s a great concept that you’ve got here.

  208. I’d like to join up!

  209. Tim-

    I see you’ve added the button, so now all you really need is to make sure that you use the “wordpress political blogs” tag in your posts and you’re officially a participating member.

    Welcome to the club!

  210. I posted my site url in the ping section of you blog, but I notice people posted their blog here so…heres my blogs alliance/ping page


    and heres the main page

    I had a quesiton about the “wordpress political blogs” thing we are supposed to add to the bottom of our posts. Does the links change automatically? Just curious, I did add it though.

  211. Sensico-

    I have to manually add new ping page urls to the ping code, and since the letters are all taken, I had to replace an inactive member with yours. the updated code is now in my sidebar.

    as for the tag, you are using that perfectly.

    welcome to the club!

  212. Hi ChenZhen and everyone. This is a fantastic idea, great club! I’ve added the ping page at http://deannaizme.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance. My main page is http://www.deannaizme.wordpress.com.

  213. Deanna-

    You have to allow pings and comments on your ping page for it to work as intended.

  214. Hi ChenZhen and others members of the club, thanks for adding my blog to the code. I do have a few questions, how does everyone know that the code has been updated? How will I know when it’s updated again?

    I do post a lot every day, so should I limit the use of the tag so not to dominate?


  215. Chen, I was allowing pings but not comments. I’ve corrected that now. Thanks!

  216. Lo-

    When I update the code, I always announce it in this thread. So, if you’re the type that checks one’s “my comments” in the dashboard, you’ll see those updates since you’ve now commented here (one of the reasons why I ask new members to comment here, incidentally). The latest code is always in my sidebar for quick copy/pasting.

    As for the use of the tag, all I have to say is to please use it for posts that are politically themed, and includes at least a little of your own analysis or commentary. I know a lot of bloggers like to simply copy/paste a link with an excerpt and make it a post, and do it in rapid fire succession. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d try to save the tag for threads where you’re offering up your own ideas. After all, the main reason I started this thing was to use the wp.com tools to invite others to debate, discuss, challenge, etc. your arguments. And we’ve got a very diverse crowd here now to do just that.

  217. Hi Chen,

    I think I’ve gotten everything set up right: I added the page (and allowed links and comments), am using the tag, and the coded links on my posts. I haven’t seen any pings as yet … am I doing something wrong, or am I just being impatient? If it’s the latter, I apologize. 🙂

    ~ Deanna

  218. Deanna-

    I haven’t added your page url to the code yet, so you won’t get any pings until I do that (I was waiting for you to fix). After I do, it may take a little while as people start to use the updated code.

  219. Thanks for explaining the use of the tag, Chen. I won’t use it on all my posts then. I did put the RSS feed for the tag on my blog today. Good idea of your’s to do that.

  220. My name is Joseph Francis Grant. I live at 401 Park Row Suite 413, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA. Phone: 270-535-4390
    For World Democracy, I volunteer to fight under the Georgia Flag of Democracy against Russia. I am prepared to fly to the end of our American borders and to continue to Georgia report in and defend Democracy and Sovereignty of your Country today–with permission.
    Please open your arms to the Democratic World to hear your Democratic cries. Allow us to help, if necessary die through our will to defend.

  221. Wow, ChenZhen! I know Tex calls you “general,” but I didn’t realize that you were actually recruiting sportswear wholesalers to go fight in Georgia!

    How very … ummm … creative.

  222. Yea, I’m gonna leave that one up there I think. Points for creativity.

    Perhaps I should have a new emblem for this type of thing.

  223. Chen
    I know we don’t see eye-to-eye on anything, and I know you’ll delete this comment, but I just thought I’d put it out there.
    Whether you realize it or not, your Alliance has made it impossible for any independent wordpress political blogger to have their voice heard.
    I tried to become part of your group, things didn’t work out very well. I don’t know if it was because my skills in writing code are lacking or whatever, all I know is that once I was on board I could no longer post on my blog or comment on other blogs. Yes, I blamed you, and I’m sorry you got the brunt of my anger, but I was royally pissed that I was not allowed to voice my thoughts on what I still, to this day, consider important issues.
    You have somewhat of a monopoly on the political discussion, and I think that is wrong. If I wanted to be a PUMA, I could have some influence, but that’s just not me. I don’t think you set out to close the voice of the people by doing this, I’d like to think it was an unforeseen occurrence.
    Nevertheless, I would like to be heard, and you are in a very real sense, the gatekeeper.
    Do you have any response for me?

  224. […] chenzhen.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/wor… […]

  225. Kurt-

    I don’t know why you’d assume that I’d delete your comment, as I don’t recall deleting them in the past. Heck, a couple of posts up I let the spammer slide.

    Look, I know that you’ve brought up this complaint in the past, and I’m not sure what to say. I have no idea why you’ve had technical difficulties with blogging and commenting. It looks like your previous sites…



    …were deleted by author (you), and that’s something that is done in the wp.com dashboard. It really has nothing to do with anything that I have the power to do, the Alliance or writing code. So if that wasn’t your intent, I’m sorry, but again I don’t know what to say because I have no idea why/how that could have happened.

    Anyway, if you want to be part of the group, its as easy as using the “wordpress political blogs” tag/category for your posts. Any wp.com blogger can use it, so I’m not really the gatekeeper or whatever. No monopoly.

  226. Please, talk to me like I’m a five year old.
    How do I use the wordpress political blogs tag?
    Where is it? What is it? How does your pinging system work? What does your button have to do with anything?

  227. Hi ChenZhen … just wanted to check with you. I haven’t seen any pings as yet and wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Thanks!

  228. Kurt-

    Its easy. I see that you currently have the categories “entertainment”, “justice”, and “politics”. Just add “wordpress political blogs” and select it when you post about politics. That will make your posts show up here.

    The ping pages are a little different, but if you want to know how it works, I made instructions.

    The button is simply something to post in a text widget in your sidebar, and it links back to this thread. It acts as a way to spread the word.


    You weren’t getting pings because I still hadn’t added your page to the code. Sorry about that, and thanks for reminding me.

    I have now added both you and Solar1, so as people start to use the updated version, you should start to see pings.

  229. Easy?!?!?
    Look, I understand that you are smarter than I am. You win.
    I got the button.
    I got the tag.

  230. Kurt-

    Look, I understand that you are smarter than I am. You win.
    I got the button.
    I got the tag.

    Have you read this thread? Its all up there, and with the instructions in my previous comment, I’m not sure what else there is to say.

  231. “First, you’ll notice that my sidebar contains the latest code”
    No, I don’t notice it. I’ve looked at the sidebar, and since I don’t know WHAT I’m looking for, how will I know when I SEE it?
    “COPY IT. It’s usually easier to do this from another window”
    Now, even if I were able to find this secret, hidden thingy, I have no earthly idea HOW to do this.
    “Second, PASTE the code at the bottom of your post”
    This is where my blood pressure went through the roof. I tried copying and pasting whatever I could click onto on your sidebar, and my computer responded by windows saying, “not responding”, repeatedly.
    My relaxation meditations have been able to keep me from smashing my computer into a million pieces, but just barely.
    I only have Dean’s List intelligence, you’re problem is that you are so much smarter than us normal folk that you can’t relate to us on our level. You say, it’s all up there, and I believe you. I just don’t UNDERSTAND you.
    All I know about copying something is that you place the cursor over an item and then right-click it. If this is what you mean when you say “copy” it, then if you wouldn’t mind letting me know exactly what to right-click on, I’d really appreciate it.

  232. OK relax Kurt…

    In the instructions, I highlighted the portion you want to copy. But let’s try it here…

    Highlight this:

    WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

    Then right-click -> copy

    Go to your post, and paste it at the bottom (making sure that you are in “visual” mode and not “html” mode, as per instructions)

    Ta da! Once you publish your post, it will send pings. Make sense?

  233. Thank you, Chen.
    You’re the man!

  234. Hi Chen … I don’t want to be a pain. But I’m still not getting any pings at all. I think I might have figured why — there seems to be a duplicate http:// in the URL pointing to my trackback.

    Thanks again … this is an excellent idea and has already gotten me a few more readers, which I appreciate.

  235. I’m not sure I understand how to do this (I’ve got politics down much better than the tech side of blogging…) but could you add http://www.poligot.wordpress.com to your list?

  236. mama-

    I’ve added you to the blogroll, but the first thing you want to do (and the easiest thing) is start using the “wordpress political blogs” tag in your posts.

  237. Just checking in to see if the code has been updated with new people lately. I’ve seen some new blogs using the tag.

    Also, would love to have my blog listed on your blogroll.

    Thanks, Chen.

  238. Are the Brits welcome to join?

  239. Yea, UK, there are Europeans in the Alliance already.

  240. […] It (MPG…Barack Obama’s… on WP Political Blogger Alli…ChenZhen on WordPress.com Political Blogge…UK Voter on WordPress.com Political […]

  241. ChenZhen,

    Would you please add me to your alliance? My blog is http://valkayec.wordpress.com

    I’m fairly new at blogging so I’m still learning A LOT. Would you explain how I know if I’m in visual or html mode?

    I’ve already added the wordpress political widget, but I’m not quite sure I’m doing everything else correctly. Oh, I do get that I have to use the tag as noted above on political posts.

  242. I’m wondering how I can go about adding the link button to my sidebar. Thanks.


  243. never mind. i figured it out.

    i am going to start using the “WordPress Political Blogs” category

  244. This idea of yours is a kewl outreach for WordPress.com politically-oriented bloggers and I’d really like to be included on your sidebar for others to come by and shriek with me..heh heh


    I will start using the WordPress Political Blogs tags from now on!

    Stay inspired!


  245. Welcome aboard Joseph and commontater (clever nic, btw).

  246. […] by MJ “revoltingpawn” on October 1, 2008 I have been a member of the ChenZhen’s WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance for some time now. I comment on member’s blogs when get a chance and on a occasion engage in […]

  247. I’m not sure the function of having a pingable page, and I’m not sure how to do it either. I’m not that computer savvy I guess.

    I did add your WordPress Political Blog icon to my page. Any help with the pingable page would be great, thanks.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  248. http://culturepress.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger/ Hi ChenZhen, would you please add my blog to the alliance as well? Thank you for this brilliant idea and for putting all of this together, by the way.

  249. I’m sorry, that link above is bad! This one should work:

  250. […] I can see where this would be handy for the WPPBA […]

  251. […] Chamber might need an off-topic, uncensored, behind-the-scenes, backstage pass style area for both WPPBA members and regular readers.  So, here it […]

  252. I know I am late to the party but I hope you will accept me into it. This is a great concept and I hope to be able to help keep it going

  253. ChenZhen,

    I like your website. I was wondering how I could become part of the club or if there are any prerequisites.

    Your Asian name is ChenZhen, mine is KaiWen 凯文 =P


  254. Kevin-

    The main prerequisite is that your blog has to be hosted on wordpress.com.

  255. A new post in regards to what Barack Obama’s elevation from office seeker to President will bring to America:


  256. Thanks for the note. WordPress political blogs is now a tag.

    Latest post: Election Night Poll Closing Schedule and Predictions

  257. ChenZhen, sorry about over-using the ping process; honestly, I’m new to blogging and never even heard of pinging until very recently (I’m a techno-tard), so I didn’t “get it.”

  258. The Presidential election is not the only game in town. In New Jersey we are pretending to elect a man who is pretending to be a United States Senator.


  259. It is time right now to speak up for what we want from this new administration that is going to take the reins in just a few months. We have a window of opportunity to make our needs and wishes known, and shame on us if we don’t use it. At the top of my list is the monumental project of upgrading all of our old building stock nationwide to an energy standard of R30 or better. Why do I like this idea so much? For one thing, it would create an enormous amount of employment almost overnight. This is not new technology – we know how to do it; the materials required are already in stock at every local lumberyard all over the country and the skills required are also abundantly available – there are lots of men and women out there who know how to use a caulking gun and swing a hammer. This nationwide project could revive the building supply industry, reduce CO@ emissions, and be a giant step towards freeing us from dependence on foreign oil.
    Another project that I hope will not fall off the drawing board is the creation of a nationwide high-speed rail network such as has existed for some time in Japan and all over Europe. The technology is already familiar; the manufacturing capability is already here, sitting idle. I have heard it said, and I can believe it, that it was World War II that really ended the Great Depression. This high-speed rail project could be the industrial and economic equivalent of World War II, and leave us a better legacy in terms of local sustainability and world peace.

    Betty King

    WordPress Political Blogger

  260. Can I be added to the blogroll?

    My blog is Politics of the Common Good.

  261. I would like to enter my blog to the roll, if that is possible.

  262. comment6,

  263. comment1,

  264. I would like to enter another blog into the alliance.

    It is designed to allow for the organizing of a grassroots Rrpublican effort to persuade the eventual Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey to pick State Senator Jennifer Beck as their runnin mate and potentially, our Lieutenant Governor”

    The wordpress url is:


    I have submitted a previous site, the parent site of the above mentioned one. But I am not sure if that one has been incorporated into you blogroll yet.

    That site is POLITICS 24/7 and is located at:


    Thank you for your time and your effort. It is appreciared.

  265. […] … My first was becoming a member of Mike Huckabee’s blogroll during the primaries. the WordPress Political Bloggers’ Alliance, Pro-Life Blogs, Ask Christian Writers, and my participation in the Christian Carnival each have […]

  266. Is this how you do it, ChenZhen?

  267. Well OS, that would work….once you changed the settings for that page to allow for comments and pingbacks.

  268. OK, I thought I only had to allow pingbacks. I didn’t know I had to allow comments.

  269. OK, you’re in OS. Pingcode updated.

  270. Hey, this is a really cool idea. Is there anyway to do it without having the extra page show up automatically in my list of pages across the top?

  271. Nisha-

    The one way I saw to do it was to change the page attributes, and instead of a main (parent) page, make it a child of one of your other pages. That should make it disappear from the navigation bar across the top.

  272. I enjoyed the list of people given here because it provides a good listing of ACTIVE people working to spread real townhall opinion from all over the coutry. My blog has been around for nearly a year with original content about politics and terrorism. The connections from readers has been great and I learned there are smart citizens. Fools beware, there’s a new sheriff in town, the informed citizen. Please add my site! Thanks,

  273. This is a wordpress.com blogger alliance, grappledoctor.

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  278. Not only is my blog available, if you wish to add it, but I had begun a similar, albeit, more primitive method some time ago. I was attempting to create an “army of bloggers” out of my blogroll. As such, I have several hundred blogs on my blogroll from which you may choose to contact if you want to do so. Thanks, Jim

  279. HI,

  280. Wonderful idea, Thanks for creating the alliance.

    you can add me also:


  281. Hey Chen,

    You can add Hillary Unleashed to the Political Alliance as well.



  282. Hey Chen —

    Just clicked over from another site that was part of the alliance.

    Our (yes, there is two of us) blog address is: http://partialbigots.wordpress.com.

    The ping-back page is: http://partialbigots.wordpress.com/about/wppba/

    Quick question: I don’t mind adding the button to my main page. However, I’m a design snob and the current ones would totally kill the vibe we got going. Is it okay if I have my partner in crime try some photoshopping of his own? I’ll glad share the results with the rest of the group, of course.

    Thanks and let me know if I need to do anything else.

    • OK, I have updated the ping code with a bunch of new pages….

      And remember, be sure to use the “wordpress political blogs” tag as well.

  283. Hello ChenZen
    I learned to know this initiative visiting Dandelion Salad’s magnificent Blog. After glazing for a while, I think I understood some of the things going on here. I’m from Belgium and salute you from the Capital of the EU Brussels. Here’s the ling of my WP political Blogger ping page:
    Kind Regards,
    Daniel Verhoeven, Belgium, danielverhoeven@deds.nl

  284. […] WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance […]

  285. […] WP Political Blogger Alliance: Introductie Pagina, De WP PBA van ‘The […]

  286. Oh boy, I was so proud of myself for finally linking up and still NO ping backs. (sigh) Chen, you said you added pages? How come no workie? What am I doing wrong?



    what is the exact tag supposed to be.. is it :

    wordpress.com bloggers alliance? wordpress blog alliance? wordpress.blog alliance? WordPress Bloggers Alliance?


  287. ellurian-

    please be patient. From what I can tell, you’re doing everything right, but the rest of the alliance has to be using the updated code for it to work. It may take a bit.

    The tag is WordPress political blogs <—click the link and you’ll see

  288. I’ll try- really, I will try.

    As long as you promise you’re NOT Ashton Kutcher.. 🙂

  289. Still?

  290. mappzs

  291. I wanna do this but am a newbie and definately need help. I just vreated my page yesterday and am unfamiliar with the site. Please take a look at my page and let me know what I need to do. Everything on my page centers around money/politics in some way so it would be very appropriate for most or all of the content which is all video. Any help would be huge! Thank you in advance.

  292. ..sounds like a great idea…have added your code linking my readers back here but not sure how to do this ping thang// guess I am not alone… It seems I need to walk across the cyber/street in this new cyberspace community and borrow a cup of sugar!Little help please…

  293. Nice post.

  294. This certainly sounds like an interesting idea. Can someone please email me detailed instructions on how to do this to southwestgalibertarian@gmail.com?

    I’m decent at writing up posts, but the more advanced features of WP are beyond me for the moment. I’ve only been here for a couple of months, and the vast majority of that time has been spent writing posts and handling publicity manually.

    Thanks y’all!

  295. Attempted to put pingback thing on my site, who knows if it worked as intended. WTF happened to the ability to cut and paste in wordpress? It used to be so dang simple.

  296. This is a great idea. More dialogue is needed.

    Addy @ ‘babygiftsandshowers.com

  297. I just came across this…I’ve added it to my page & would love to be included here.



  298. I just added my page at Stix Blogver 3.0


  299. politicalinquirer.com

  300. Hey, I’m trying to cut out the sugar, so could I just come over for a cuppa joe? Need help with the code, please. And like Jeff, doing it the ol’ fashioned way…



  301. http://wok3.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/pingback-page/

  302. Chen,
    Please add Head Muscle to the WP Political Blog Alliance.

    My Ping page is:


    Let me know if there is a problem


  303. This is a great site. Will definitely be back soon.


  304. Wow – wish I had found out about this a month ago – please add me!


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  312. […] Bush, Iran, Iraq, swan song, Taliban, WordPress Political Blogs I have been asked as part of the WordPress Political Blogs Alliance to take part in a group post marking the passing of the 20 January 2008, the first day of George […]

  313. Only taking in wordpress blogs?

  314. is it politically correct?

  315. Have placed logo at my site (http://underthelobsterscope.wordpress.com).. would like to be listed here.

  316. Hi CZ. Here’s my ping page. Hope you like the blog!


  317. I’m self-hosted now, so please update Get d’Clu to this addy:


    Thank you.

  318. ChenZhen, please add my site to the list:


    Thanks — great gig you’re running here.

    — Marque

  319. This sounds terrific! Count me in.


  320. I like this idea a lot!

    I have placed the Political Blogs logo on my site.

    please add my site to your list:

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  321. I would like to be included, as well.


  322. I’m so in:



  323. I am going to try and do this. I just love this idea. I hope I can manage to do everything I’m supposed to when it comes to dealing with tech part. I am an Journalism student at Ashford University. My major is Journalism and Mass Communication and Minor is Political Science. Thank you for helping people.

  324. have you the RIGHT to POLITASIZE

    • Huh, What does that mean?

  325. Thanks, I’m new to this whole blogging experience but am really digging it. I have a very progressive show on Blog Talk Radio, I hope you can check it out sometime.

    Peace!!! 🙂

  326. The Georgia Guidstone was built by a liberal.
    why the word ‘Liberal’ was chosen for this particular affiliation has nothing to do with the populace….


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  341. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail.
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