Thanks For The Nod Killgore

May 28, 2007

One of the cool things about running a blog is the fact that you can see when other people post a link to it.  Basically, if someone posts a link to your site, it shows up on your site stats page (the page will also tell you how many times the link was clicked).*

Anyway, I mention this because that’s how I happened to notice that my LGF pal Killgore Trout suggested my site to a blogger (Thanos) who was building a blogroll for LGF members specifically.  I certainly appreciate the mention.  On the other hand, I’m not sure if I appreciated the response:

#402 Thanos 5/27/2007 7:54:12 am PDT

I purposefully left the infamous ChenZhen out since the Title of the bloglink category is “Scaled Legion”. If Chen has scales, they’re plastic.

What I find interesting about that comment is the fact that Thanos joined LGF just 1 day after I did (a little over a year ago), and in that time period I’ve managed to pick up a couple of “hat tips”, while Thanos (as far as I can tell) still has none.

Now, I know I’m not your average LGFer. I accepted that early on. But if there would be some sort of hypothetical scorecard or ranking system for this so-called Legion, I believe it would read:

ChenZhen: 2
Thanos: 0

So there.

*Incidentally, this also means that Thanos will see this post. 😉


  1. Hmmmm….could it be that what was being referred to, was the over-all content of your comments….?

  2. Well, I would have returned the favor. But, hey, it’s Thanos’ blog.

  3. Indeed Ma. 🙂

    Thanks for the link Chen, it’s not that I don’t like ya.

  4. One other note, I like the new header, good work on that.

  5. Ok you are now in my sidebar, just not in that blogroll.

  6. I added you as well.

    Re: the header. Thanks! I actually made 15 of them and rotate it once a week. If I knew anything about CSS I’d make ’em random with every hit, but oh well.

  7. Yes, I sucketh at CSS as well. Ah well the perils of code. I did have a plug in called “Randomizer” on my blog a while that allows you to randomize quotes, and in theory headers, you might take a look at wp plugins.

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