The Perils Of Posting Legitimate Questions On Blogs

May 31, 2007

You might just get your LIFE THREATENED!

First, the legitimate question:

Would Iran actually use nukes on Israel preemtively, considering the consequences?

One response:

#53 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:22:16 pm PDT

Are you willing to bet YOUR life that they won’t? I’d be willing to kill you if they do.

Pistol to the forehead OK with you? Beheaddings are so messy.*

My response:

So…you have a pistol and you’re not afraid to use it (on) me?

The response:

#102 Iron Fist  5/31/2007 6:50:09 pm PDT

#94 ChenZhen,

Actually, I’d prefer the blade, as there is a certian circularity to it.

I can arrange the pistol.

That you even question indicates that you think Iran’s using nukes is likely.

I agree.

Are you willing to bet your life they won’t?

Doesn’t sound like it.

I think I’ve finally spotted the elusive Troglodyte:

Troglodyte seems to have emerged from the mists of time untouched by human evolution.troglodyte.jpg Devoid of a single progressive idea and lacking the slightest awareness of social and cultural advances, Troglodyte has developed an incoherent political philosophy that he characterizes as “conservative” or “libertarian”, but which could be more accurately described as “bigoted narcissism”. His aggressive posturing often frightens off weaker, more timid Warriors. In pitched battle, however, Troglodyte easily loses control and his attack quickly degenerates into a rant. Just for the fun of it, Weenie, Issues. Pinko and Evil Clown will sometimes deliberately goad him into a towering rage.

What a wonderful netizen, huh?  But then I was reminded of this from the LGF FAQ:

Q. What’s the Iron Fist Rule?
A. “If you think you are too drunk to post, you are too drunk too post.”  First used on LGF by… er… well, you can probably figure that one out for yourself.

*As of this writing, Charles (LGF’s webmaster) deleted this comment.  The second one remains. 

And if you’re reading this Charles, I’d like you to know that I don’t appreciate having my life threatened on your website.  I don’t think you do either.  I’ve decided to post the exchange here on my blog (as documentation), but if it happens again I’ll consider posting it somewhere that gets more traffic.

Update 10/31/07:  Speaking of traffic, I am getting a lot of it from Sadly, No! today, so I thought it might be as good a time as any to add this search link:  LGF Watch: Iron Fist

…and while we’re on the subject, a real howler…

#278 LanceKates 10/31/07 12:23:40 pm

Sometimes, just for a day, I wish we could be as evil as they say we are.

If, for no other reason, just to show them the difference.

#279 Iron Fist 10/31/07 12:32:59 pm

re: #278 LanceKates,

It would be fun…

No shit?



  1. If you’re going to post the “exchange” how about an intellectually honest post containing ALL of it?

    ChenZhen 5/31/07 6:14:54 pm reply quote report -1

    At the risk of having rotten fruit thrown at me, I’ll ask this question out of relative ignorance…

    Would Iran actually use nukes on Israel preemtively [sic], considering the consequences?

    So you KNEW that your question could generate angry responses, yet now you’ve devoted an webpage to the “outrage”. Brilliant.

    With respect to the answer you received, the point wasn’t that “Iron Fist” was ACTUALLY threatening your life, it was a METAPHOR about the situation with respect to Israel, that you asked about.

    To wit, if someone pointed a gun at your head and threatened to kill you, you’d take the threat seriously, wouldn’t you?

    Iran’s leadership has said that it would like to see Israel expunged, and is developing nuclear weapons, analogous to a gun pointed at its head.

    Iron Fist’s “threat” about killing you if Iran nuked Israel was a way of asking you for an intellectually honest answer. Would you ACTUALLY put your life on the line betting that Israel WON’T get nuked by Iran after being threatened with destruction?

    If you won’t, why should the Israelis?

  2. I guess I must be kind of dense but having read that exchange I really don’t understand how one honestly believed that his life was at stake or being threatened. Most people would see the usage if the expression “are you willing to bet your life” as hyperbole, but since you see that as a death threat it is very difficult to have a rational conversation. My advise is to consult with a professional, not a mental health professional, but a little old lady that taught English Grammar in high school at least 30 years ago (any later than that and they will have the same misunderstandings that you have).

    By the way, here is a web definition of how hyperbole is used in literature, which fits very well into what the LGF posters were trying to achieve…

    Hyperbole is overstatement or exaggerated language that distorts facts by making them much bigger than they are if looked at objectively. The media use it a lot to make stories seem more important or interesting than they really are (an apparently unfair boxing decision was described as the ‘crime of the century’ by one newspaper which seems excessive when compared to murder). It may be used to entertain or more seriously.

  3. Look, I’m not dumb. I understand the point. However, there are probably 1000 ways to make that point without using the phrase “I’d be willing to kill you”, don’t you agree? I mean, there was a reason why Charles deleted the comment, right?

    Sure, I made the comment about rotten fruit because, frankly, I knew where I was posting. But, in the past, the objections to rational questions like this were typically in the form of ad hominem attacks and name calling. This was the first time I actually had someone describe in some detail their preference to use a blade to kill someone, so I decided to document it. Then, I decided to search LGF Watch for “Iron Fist”, and discovered that the guy has a history of talking about his knife. Apparently, he’s an ex-con. I should just assume that was hyperbole? Gimme a break.

  4. […] it fell to the lying smear artist Perrin to produce concrete proof of such an outrageous claim, the like of which I have never heard in all my days. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton […]

  5. With respect to the answer you received, the point wasn’t that “Iron Fist” was ACTUALLY threatening your life, it was a METAPHOR about the situation with respect to Israel, that you asked about.

    So you’re saying that Charles should bet his life that Iron Fist was speaking metaphorically?

    To wit: If someone threatened to put a bullet in your head, you’d take that threat seriously, wouldn’t you?

    If you would, why shouldn’t Charles?

  6. “Iron Fist was speaking metaphorically?”
    Dat’s just what Iran’s leadership sez they was doin’ when dey said that it would like to see Israel expunged.

    What a bunch o’kidders!

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