Persistent Troll Thread

June 14, 2007

If you ever wanted to check out a really annoying troll, check out this thread.  The comments will get deleted eventually, I would assume. 

enter in a phony email if ya want, the info should stay in there after each post

Update:  This may be a Godzilla wannabe:

It was a peaceful and productive forum; lively, congenial and a bounteous source of useful information. Then one day, completely without warning, Godzilla arose from the depths and blew his scalding breath on everything in his path. A phalanx of Warriors mobilized to attack the monster, only to be crushed like so many toy tanks under Godzilla’s mighty feet. Godzilla soon reduced the forum to searing and consuming flames. Just as abruptly, he rumbled back beneath the waves, leaving all to tremble in fear of his return. Net life would never be the same. Sadly, many netizens who survive a Godzilla attack will become Xenophobes.


  1. LGF has been having so much trouble lately.
    And now this pos spamming the fallback blog.

    Rhanks Chen, for the hospitality.

  2. n/p

    Well at least I can delete his sorry ass here 😉

  3. Yeah, a BIG advantage after what we had at the other blog. Whewwww lol

  4. What the hell is going on there Chen?
    I know you have a way of pushing peoples buttons, but you REALLY pissed this guy off.

  5. I don’t think this is some random troll, I think it’s a GCPer or maybe even another LGF reader. Called me a ‘leftard’.

  6. Called me a ‘leftard’.

    Well, Chen…I don’t think that’s too far fetched.

  7. yea well…I hope he’s havin fun

  8. Damn he’s still goin over there.

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s an LGF obsessed Muslim teen from Germany who posts at LGF Watch and has a blog called The Realm of the Sphinx. He’s done all night spam runs of LGF before and he has plenty of spare time on his hands.

  10. I stand corrected. It seems Sphinx wasn’t the culprit.

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