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The Other Surge In Iraq

June 16, 2007

I caught this headline in the AP RSS feed: Private US security companies involved in Iraqi hostilities

US private security companies are reportedly getting increasingly involved in military action in Iraq, fighting insurgents, enduring attacks and taking hundreds of casualties that have been sometimes concealed.

Citing unnamed US and Iraqi officials and company representatives, The Washington Post said that while the military has built up troops in Baghdad, the security companies, funded by billions of dollars in US military and State Department contracts, have been engaged in a parallel surge.

They have boosted manpower, added expensive armor and stepped up evasive action as attacks increase, the report said.

One in seven supply convoys protected by private forces has come under attack this year, the paper said, citing previously unreleased statistics.

One security company reported nearly 300 “hostile actions” in the first four months.

The majority of the more than 100 security companies operate outside of Iraqi law, The Post said.