Just In Case Romney Wins The Nomination

June 17, 2007

I saw a post by Denny that showed Romney’s polling advances, so I thought I’d keep this video handy:

Null Set!

Kevin Drum said it best:

WTF? Does this kind of stuff run in the family? (Yes, I know I’ve already made that joke once before.)

Question: does Romney genuinely not know that both the IAEA and Hans Blix’s team had hundreds of inspectors in Iraq prior to the war? And that those inspectors found nothing?

Or does he know it perfectly well and has simply calculated that no one in the media cares enough about this stuff to make a big deal out of a howler like this? In any sane world, this kind of thing would be enough to disqualify a candidate from running for dogcatcher, let alone president of the United States.

Wonderful thing, that YouTube. 


  1. Do you not know that the Husein regime led the inspectors on wild ‘goose’ chases? Did you not know that their weapons of mass destruction and the materials thereof were never accounted for? Did you not know that the regimes 10,000 pages of information about their weapons were incomplete? Did you not know that the inspectors could not do their job properly and therefore had to be removed? Did you not know that there were hundreds of WMD’s FOUND in Iraq after the war that were NOT supposed to be there? Did you not know that the Duelfer report indicated that after the sanctions were lifted (many nations were going around the sanctions already) Saddam Husein wanted to RESTART his WMD programs? Did you know that he kept his nuclear team in place and had some nuclear components, even in his yard, for that very purpose? Of course you knew that the food for oil program was keeping Mr. Hussein in power and that he was buying weapons with the money he was illegally making on the sale of Iraqi oil.

    Also, it is interesting that an Iraqi general has stated that the WMD’s that Husein did have were spirited to Syria, the other Baathist regime, during a relief effort just before the war.

  2. What the heck does any of that have to do with the fact that Romney apparently didn’t know that there were inspectors in the country prior to the invasion?

    BTW- I’ve read about the ‘WMDs to Syria’ story. It is interesting. Maybe we should ask Saddam? Oh. Anyway, if that were true, don’t you think they would have been used by an Iraqi insurgent or terrorist by now? And why the heck would Saddam give up his precious WMD’s before we invaded?

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