Right Wingers Find Their Inner “Truther”

June 21, 2007

I happened to stumble upon a blog post over at Right Wing Nut House concerning this story about the possibility that Osama himself chartered a flight for a couple handfuls of Saudis shortly after 9/11.  Check this out:

Another nagging question is what the 9/11 Commission staffers made of these memos when they read them? One would think that a mention of Osama Bin Laden in an FBI report on the Saudi flights would have raised every red flag possible and led to hauling Mueller, Clark, and the investigating agents before the Commission to explain themselves. The fact that Commission staffers either missed these reports or never acted upon them is just more evidence that the Commission itself had flawed investigative procedures.

Or they never saw the reports at all. This raises other, more troubling questions, about what else the FBI failed to give the Commission.

Looks like they’ve discovered some unresolved issues with the 9/11 commission report, doesn’t it?  Perhaps they should be added to the list?

Disclaimer:  I don’t consider myself part of the “9/11 truth movement”.  I pretty much put my curiosity about the event itself or any possibilities of a conspiracy to bed years ago.  I do, however, believe that we are all entitled (as Americans) to know the whole truth about that day and related events both before and after.  So I’m making this post to prove the point that it’s OK to have questions about 9/11.  While it’s irresponsible to put forth theories that have little basis in fact, the quest for truth is a good thing.   No one on the right or left should be afraid to ask questions about those events. 

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