For The Record, Bush Said He Regretted “Bring ‘Em On”

July 2, 2007

I noticed that there were a few blogs talking about the fourth anniversary of Bush’s famous “Bring ’em on” line, and I thought I’d just post a little reminder for my fellow bloggers.  Bush did say this last year:

“Saying `bring it on,’ kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people,” the president said in answer to a question about mistakes he made in Iraq. “I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner — you know, `wanted dead or alive,’ that kind of talk.”

Now, as readers who are familiar with my posts know, I’m about as far from a Bush apologist as one can get.  In fact, before I started this blog, I did all my blogging on FearBush.com (sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I think most of America ‘gets it’ by now).  When I saw this story, I did in fact give him credit on that site for saying this.  I remember this because it’s probably the only time I’d ever seen Bush express regret….for anything.

So, I’m posting this now in light of the posts out there who are beating him up over this without giving full disclosure.  I have stated on here before that I wish bloggers would be more intellectually honest, and that goes for both right and left as far as I’m concerned.  I know he can’t undo the damage that reckless remark has probably done, but I think that perhaps there are other things that my fellow administration critics can focus on at this point.

So, just for the record, here is the original “Bring ’em on” comment:

And here is Bush saying that he regretted that comment:

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