My July 4th Sentiment

July 4, 2007

I have a confession.  I was pretty close to celebrating the 4th of July on my blog by posting a nice video of flags waving or fireworks bursting and the national anthem blaring.  I must have searched YouTube for a half an hour looking for the perfect vid.  However, as I sat there watching these videos I couldn’t help but to think that the whole idea just didn’t seem sincere. 

Call me unpatriotic if you want, but displaying such a video while our country is being led by a dangerous administration and an equally broken Congress wasn’t going to encapsulate my attitude this day.  I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that ‘taps’ would be the tune that jumps ahead in one’s mind, actually.  So, I’ve decided to post a different video.

As I mentioned a couple of posts down, I did a lot of blogging on the FearBush.com site before starting the blog here (I’m still a regular in the forums).  I thought of it as kind of a privilege, since it was one of the few sites out there whose founders were prophetic enough to have actually predicted the Bush disaster back in early 2000.  In fact, the url was originally intended as a warning (as you might have guessed).  Since then, many others have joined on the anti-Bush bandwagon, and I suppose by now I feel a sense of vindication for having felt passionately about this for so long. 

Of all the anti-administration rants I posted over there over the last couple of years, I never posted any of the Keith Olbermann “Special Comments”, since I preferred to give my own perspective.  Today, however, I’m gonna give Keith a post on this blog, because tonight’s edition was one heck of a doozy.  On this 4th of July, we should all consider what’s being said here and what it really means to be patriotic.

(video hat tip: Suzie Q)

Enjoy the fireworks.


  1. i cant possibly be the only one who cringed when i watched this. please dont tell me people actually get inspired by this guys speeches. i am glad we dont have airheads like this in australia all over our news

    by the way great blog chen keep up the good work

  2. King, it’s really hard to convey what it has been like to be an American and watch what the GWB administration has done to our country (and the rest of the world) over the last 6.5 years. At the same time, our news media has turned into a trashy form of infotainment and we’re left with figures like Oberman to represent a non-Bush viewpoint. One of your exports (Rupert Murdoch, now a US citizen) played a big role in the change.

  3. I’ll ignore your BDS and go OT:
    You’ll be happy to know that others are searching for the root cause of terrorism too. Maybe this will help: What Do They Have In Common?

  4. Thank you Chen-Zhen and I will add you to my blogroll. 😉

  5. king- thanks buddy. I know you don’t like Olbermann, but I think anyone can take something away from that vid.

    Killgore- I gotta say I chuckle a bit when I see the BDS label thrown around. It seems so desperate these days. As far as that video goes…Sure, you can certainly tie specific acts of terrorism tegether to some Islamic influence, but it is a far cry from claiming that it is the “root cause” of terrorism. I have no problem debating this, but I’d prefer it if it were moved to another thread. See my recent post about FARC, for example.

    Suzie-Q Thanks for the nod! BTW- I’m not sure if you caught it, but I added you a while back to the alliance of WP bloggers who talk politics. Go ahead and add the button if you want to. 🙂

  6. very well written. It came off earnest, honest, and intelligent. Then you put that reader at the bottom.

    nice blog

  7. criminy- By ‘reader’ I assume you’re referring to Olbermann? LOL

    BTW- I like the nic.

  8. thanks…i llke your blog, but yeah…i get so tired of these pied pipers of dysfunction leading the country around by its all to deserving nose. They bring nothing to the conversation, and tend to slant is as the boss sees fit. It’s not journalism It’s not even factual entertainment.

  9. I apologise, I too would like to express the opinion.

    P.S. Please review icons

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