July 5, 2007

I’ve seen quite a bit of whining on blogs about Google’s lack of patriotism with their logo (of all things), especially on Memorial Day.  All the outrage seemed pretty silly to me, as it’s just a stupid logo.  But for the 4th of July, Google brought out this one:

Happy Independence Day

Scroll your cursor over the image and the alt text reads “Happy Independence Day”


  1. Happy Independence Day 🙂 Hope’ll be great day

  2. I rather liked their acknowledgment of Independance Day this year and I was glad to see it.

    I’m not big on celebrations and Independace day is yet another one of them I rather dislike, but as I said, I do enjoy the fact that Google does make those acknowlegements – so far.

    Thanks for the post. (I’m new here and have yet to look around thoroughly – Yet!

    Thanks for being here.

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