Something That Sam Brownback And Joe Biden Agree On

July 5, 2007

You might have already guessed what that was, but I thought I’d put it in here because I saw another story about this come across the AP wires:  Scholars: Divide Iraq into 3 regions

Under the plan, Iraqis would divide the country into three main regions. Each would assume primary responsibility for its own security and governance, as Iraqi Kurds already have in Kurdistan.

“Creating such a structure could prove to be difficult and risky,” the report said. “However, when measured against the alternatives — continuing to police an ethnic-sectarian war, or withdrawing and allowing the conflict to escalate — the risks of soft partition appear more acceptable.”

Brownback has been talking about this for months, and if I remember correctly, he was the only GOP presidential candidate in the field that brought this up in the debates thus far (although I could be wrong about that).   Biden has been pushing for his “third way” for quite a while as well.  What I haven’t seen, I suppose, is a lot of serious talk about it in the media.

I should note that one of my blogger pals has dedicated his blog toward this solution: Partition of Iraq

I know all this isn’t exactly news, but I thought I’d bring the debate over to my blog.  My personal feeling on this is that it may be too late for this.  Had this been the initial plan, this would have gone quite a bit smoother that it would to try to do it now.  In fact, at this point, it is almost like starting over.  Maybe that’s why the idea hasn’t picked up a lot of steam.  Hypothetically, if someone were omnipotent and knew that this would be the only way to achieve a positive outcome in the region, it would be interesting to know if the American people would have the will to see this through.  The biggest problem is getting the Iraqi people to go along with it, and it isn’t clear that there is a lot of support for this idea.  Even if they were warm to it, it’s hard to imagine that they would have a lot of confidence in our ability to pull it off in light of all the missteps and incompetence that have plagued the effort up to this point.  In the end, there may be just too many variables and risks in just dropping what we’re doing and try something completely new.

For the record*:


*I’m not sure how old this map is, or even its exact origin.  It’s quite possible that the war has changed the landscape quite a bit, so consider it a pretty basic visual representation.


  1. Chen Zhen

    Thanks for the plug for my blog on Partitioning Iraq.

    You point out that it might be kind of late to be starting consideration of partitioning Iraq and there might be a problem of getting the Iraqis to go along with it. For that reason it it might be advantagious to START DISCUSSIONS while we are staying the course and before we have no other choice but to cut and run.

    Clearly it is for the Iraqis to decide, but it is probably up to others to research the question and provide input to them to allow them to decide for themselves. Iraqis are probably suffering from tunnel vision and may not to se the forest because of trees. Outsiders can have better perspective and are less emotionally involved in the issues.

    In these discussions we need to recognise the possibilty that partition is not workable and we need to prceed with open minds.

    Finally, we need a coordinator who can keep things moving. Men that come to mind are :Jim Baker, Bill Clinton,George Mitchell, Brownbeck, Biden…

    Besides Iraqis themselves, we need input from many sources and we need to have the multiple probems addressed in smaller think tanks. For example, there should be a group discussing the ramifications of an independant Kurdish state and how that impacts on Turkey. This group might have Kurds and Turks living in the USA who have experience of being Americans who still embrace and honor their ethnicity. We need to know under what conditions Turkey (which has the largest Kurdish population in the world)would tolerate an independant.

    To the extent that the good offices of the UN and the Arab League can participate in the discussions ,that should be taken advantage of.

    I have a map of Iraq that I have copied and pasted to PAINT and drawn my own ideas of how Iraq and Baghdad could be divided satisfactorily. I have also prepared a simple POWERPOINT presntation with maps that I would like to place in my blog. How do you do that?

  2. I have a map of Iraq that I have copied and pasted to PAINT and drawn my own ideas of how Iraq and Baghdad could be divided satisfactorily. I have also prepared a simple POWERPOINT presntation with maps that I would like to place in my blog. How do you do that?

    You can post many types of files on your blog (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt), so you can click the ‘browse’ box under the main post entry area and upload one of those and paste it into a regular blog entry. If the file you wish to post is not one of those file types, you’ll have to find another site to upload it to that will ‘host’ that file. Then, you can link to that page on your blog. Hope that helps.

    BTW- I believe that ppt is the file type for powerpoint, so you should be able to post your presentation right on your blog.

  3. Good call, ChenZhen. I shall be watching your blog in the future.

  4. Thanks Psycheout, but are you sure that you can handle the neolib screed of the infamous ChenZhen? LOL

  5. I suppose that that which does not kill me makes me stronger. Perhaps. Time will tell.

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