I Think We Can Put The Pejorative ‘BDS’ To Bed Now

July 6, 2007

Maybe not.  Let’s turn it around.  I propose that, from this day forward, anyone who continues to unconditionally support this president is suffering from a form of derangement.

I bring this up because there’s a story that’s getting a lot of buzz on the blogs about how Bush’s approval impeachment rating is now at 45%, according to a new poll.  He probably got a bump from this Libby thing, because the last poll I saw put him at 39%.  Of course, Bush hasn’t actually had an approval rating as high as 45% for about two years now.

And when I say derangement, I mean it.  Just check this out:

On a related note, there were polls showing a paltry 14% confidence rating for our Congress.   I’m just drawing a blank as to what might possibly make that number go up a bit.

Just drawing a blank.



  1. A mass resignation and suicide might help.

  2. […] precisely, someone used my post on BDS in the references section for the wikipedia entry on Bush Derangement […]

  3. You draw a blank? This whole piece is a blank.

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