The Denver Post Labels Pro-Brownback Blog As A “Spoof”

July 6, 2007

One of my favorite blogs*, Blogs 4 Brownback, has caught the attention of the maintream media and labeled as a Colbert-style parody:  The Denver Post – Online spoofs cloud political stances

I suppose the author makes a valid point about how noise from blogs and the internet in general can undermine the messages that the presidential candidates are trying to get out there in the 2008 campaign, but the focus is all on the Brownback site:

It appears these so-called supporters – who also run the site Blogs 4 Brownback (blogs4brownback.wordpress.com) – are really using the sites to parody the senator’s conservative political and religious beliefs, and perhaps make it appear that he is aligned with people who hold some, well, extraordinary notions.

The sites look official and have blogrolls linking to a number of bona fide conservative websites, including Brownback’s presidential campaign. Postings from bloggers with names such as Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett and Sisyphus provide just enough accuracy, and religious scripture, to appear oddly legitimate – even to other conservatives who comment on the musings.

Sisyphus responds:

I’m not a spoof.  That’s the standard leftist talking point- anyone who disagrees with them must be doing so in bad faith.  The liberal religion brooks no heresy.  Either one is with them, or one is only pretending to oppose them. 

As I stated when I featured B4B here in the Chamber a little while ago, I can understand how some people might dismiss the site as a parody at first glance, but after a week or two reading the site and the comments I think it becomes quite clear that it NOT a spoof.   I believe the saying is “you just can’t make this stuff up”. 

But, hey, you be the judge.  Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think. 

BTW- The B4B post mentioned in the DenPo article, “Heliocentrism is an Atheist Doctrine“, gets my vote for “Post of the Year” (if there is such an award).  If you have the time, go ahead and read the 1200+ comments (incidentally, the bloggers over at Scientific American weren’t sure if it was a spoof or not either).

Also, I guess it should also be noted that B4B already has a ‘watch’ site, Blogs 4 Moonbats. Ain’t blogging fun?

*As any regular reader of my blog can tell you, I am not a Brownback supporter.  I do, however, consider myself to be open-minded, and although I don’t agree with virtually everything that Sisyphus (and friends) posts on the site,  for whatever reason I find it entertaining. 


  1. The B4B Team appreciate your support in the face of this baseless attack by the LLL MSM.

  2. No problem. I like the site. 🙂

  3. Oh God, what’s this? Never paid much attention to the site, but I can’t say I’m all that fussed when I click on the link and some idiotic ranting about Fred Thompson is the first thing I see. I like Brownback, don’t like the site. It does seem very Colbert-esque and mocking.

  4. Is Fred gonna run or what?

  5. He hasn’t announced yet, but come on, what do you think? I am getting a little annoyed that he didn’t announce and I think most others are too, so he’d better do it soon.

  6. I’m still wondering where all the sudden support for Fred materialized. It almost seems like some influencial bloggers took a look at the current GOP frontrunners and threw Fred’s name out there because they didn’t like what they saw. After a while it started to catch on, and here you have him with these high poll numbers. But it could very well be that Fred never planned on running for pres, and that deep down he (and others close to him) knows that it won’t work. He has too many political skeletons or whatever. Like he knows that he can’t live up to the hype or something. I dunno. But a year ago I never would have guessed that Fred would have run for pres. Guiliani? Yea. McCain? Sure. Fred? The Law and Order guy? Never entered my mind.

  7. I was a Gingrich sort of guy before it looked like Fred would make the first move and effectivel put him out of the running. So now at least I have a good candidate with a chance whose views match my own acceptably. I don’t know, maybe he was taken by surprise because of the way things kicked off early this time. Give him a chance, there’s still a lot of time.

  8. Senator Brownback is a pathetic hypocrite who took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States and then sponsored the International Marriage Relations Act a draconian violation of free speech, free association , equal treatment and mens privacy rights. Brownback sponsored this law that regulates (PREVENTS) marriage by requiring a series of background checks before an American can marry a foreigner within the boundaries of the United States and aditional background checks before they can communicate if they use an matchmaking organization.

    Brownback’s romance law was patterned after a 1935 German law which required background checks before two people can marry supposedly to protect German women. But the real purpose of the German law was to prevent Jews from marying German women while Brownback’s sinister law was developed in secret by radical women’s groups to “sabotage American men from marrying foreign women with traditional values that the radical folks at the National Organization of Women abhor.

    Senator Brownback you have got some explaining to do!

  9. Thank you for the copy and paste propaganda. I don’t really see where free speech relates to marriage right from the start, did you get married to make a political statement?

  10. Dave Root’s on a mission it would seem. check it. I don’t really see the free speech angle either.

  11. You’ll even find Dave Root’s cut and paste screed in the Denver Post comments. I’m pretty sure he’s the same guy who hassled us before. I gave him an open thread where he could prattle on about his single obsession: IMBRA. It seems the guy’s obsessed with hooking up with foreign women without letting them know he’s likely a sexual predator. Sad, really.

  12. I have written to that Crummy communist reporter and told her that I expect a full retraction and an apology by the end of the week. I will not have my good name slandered by some Liberal female reporter. Note: I called her a female becuase she is certainly no lady.

  13. Psychout has stated (referring to Dave Root) “It seems the guy’s obsessed with hooking up with foreign women without letting them know he’s likely a sexual predator. Sad, really.

    Obsessed about IMBRA? Obsessed with hooking up with foreign women. …No. But what I am obsessed with are NON Governmental organizations such as the Tahirih Justice Center and the National Organization of Women who manipulated incompetent politicians like Brownback to pass IMBRA, a FRADULENT WASTE of Taxpayers money and a violation of the civil liberties of all Americans both men and women.

    Psychout you must be disappointed I am exposing the NOW’s con game to extort money from taxpayers using the oldest trick in the world.
    1)MANUFACTURE A PROBLEM using personal opinions disguised as facts that American men who date foreigners are “sexual predators…many are premeditated torturers” using a few isolated examples of abuse no different from abuse occurring here in America among US citizens married to one another.

    2)CREATE A REACTION among politicians and media
    correlating matchmaking organizations with human trafficking rings despite the fact there is no such connection.
    3) Introduce the solution: The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.

    The reality is that NGO’s like Tahirih Justice Center rely on government grants and private donations and if there is no problem they won’t get any donations or large Federal grants. Various women’s groups manufactured a “problem” using misrepresented facts and personal opinions.

    Psychout you mentioned “I’m likely a sexual predator. Sad Really”. I have never been arrested for a sexual offense. What is really sad is the obvious fraudulent and possibly criminal waste of taxpayers money being spent trying to regulate matchmaking clients who have beeb falsely accused and lynched with a mob mentality by the enormous amount of money the National Organization has spent on a campaign of hysteria. Wouldn’t this money have been more effectively spent elsewhere?

  14. Not Dave Root again. This guy should go by the name Sir Spams-a-Lot.

  15. For background on this, see the Open Thread I created just for Dave Root in his many incarnations to stamp his feet in. See how he repays me?

    And I am not blog-pimping, although you could put us on your blogroll and vote for us in the blogger’s choice awards. LOL.

  16. Dave,

    Since you are using your real name and since you appear to have been libeled, you may have a claim against the person who wrote here that you are a sexual predator. The identity of the person stating this can be ascertained upon filing a lawsuit by subpoening various ISPs, etc.

    It’s an extremely unfortunate aspect of American society that when you stand up and make intellectual arguments that someone disagrees with it will be declared publically and anonymously that the reason you are taking such positions is that you are a sexual predator.

  17. Give me a break, “Tristan.” He didn’t comment as Dave Root in our open thread. I suspect he is the person going by the name of “Freedom.”

    Maybe you should do a little research before opening your fool mouth and sticking your foot in it. And whatever you’re blathering about wasn’t written “here,” you idiot. So perhaps you should just shut up. Yes, I think that would be a grand idea.

    Thank you.

    Of course this is ChenZhen’s Chamber, so if he wants to take up your weird little cause, that’s entirely up to him.

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