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A Little Milestone For The Blog

July 7, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Chamber make it onto memeorandum for my post on the Bush impeachment ratings.



Friday Night Wingnut Pillow Fight

July 7, 2007

Blog wars are fun…especially an internecine blog war.

In a nutshell, Dan Riehl suggests that Bryan (Hot Air) posted something bigoted.

So, Dan, are you calling me a bigot? I just want to get that straight–that you’re calling me a bigot for that post.


Private email messages get posted

Feathers fly.

Knockout swing.*

Janitorial staff at memeorandum is pissed.**

*Edit- This post appears to have been scrubbed by the RWV team.  Not to worry, it can still be found here.

**Just for the record, the aforementioned scrubbed post was, at least for a little while, on memeorandum’s “featured post” section.