Radio Pundit Mark Levin Calls Cheney “Rock Of Gibraltar”

July 10, 2007

I listen to a lot of conservative talk radio, probably out of curiosity and the desire to learn about the various talking points that are put out there.  That, and there really isn’t that much liberal talk around in this area.  And I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but these on-air pundits have become increasingly piqued lately.  Just…angry.  I’m sure it has something to do with the state of the political landscape right now.  Anyway…

After listening to Jason Lewis go on for about an hour calling Democrats and liberals ‘communists’ (loudly), the equally testy Mark Levin got on and eventually the subject of Cheney came up.  Sure enough, Levin painted the VP as the best in history and then whipped out the ‘Gibraltar’ line.  Now, I’ve heard these guys say some pretty rediculous stuff before, but this one made me spill my Dr. Pepper.  I’ve never felt the urge to actually call one of these shows, but this was about as close as I’ve ever been to actually doing it.  After hearing Levin cut off another dissenting caller in Hannity-esque fashion (mid-sentence), I thought better of it.  Instead, I thought I’d put something in the blog, since there are still plenty of people out there that seem to look at Cheney as some sort of savior or something.

The love for Cheney appears to be centered around this sense of security that people are, for whatever reason, convinced that he delivers.  But lets just think about that for a second, shall we?  I mean, this was the guy who gave us baselessly optimistic phrases such as “greeted as liberators” and “last throes“, and when the Brits announced that they were going to be leaving Basra (while we were preparing for a ‘surge’), he gave us the patently absurd “Well, I look at it and see it is actually an affirmation that there are parts of Iraq where things are going pretty well”.  In fact, I challenge any pro-Cheney reader of my blog to point to something that Cheney has said publicly that hasn’t turned out to be utter crap.  And I’m not even going to mention the rediculous bombardment of over-hyping of the pre-war Iraqi threat. 

I know, “mistakes were made”.  Sure.  It happens in any war.  But this wasn’t one of those things where historians look back and determine that they didn’t bring enough Gatling guns to defend the flank or something.  This was a VP that (mis)led us into a war with NO PLAN for the aftermath, while ignoring (seemingly) all the experts, scenarios, and war games that actually looked seriously at what we were really getting ourselves into.  A war that all of our intelligence agencies concluded has made the overall terrorism problem worse.  What sane person can say with a straight face that they actually trust this guy to keep us safe from terrorism under the guise of “understanding” the “enemy we face”?  What defense is there for the most secretive, power hungry and demonstrably wrong VP in our nations history that isn’t based in pure partisanship?  Someone better tell me, ’cause I can’t think of one. 

“Rock of Gibraltar”?  Seriously.

On a related note, the bill to impeach Cheney is slowly gaining support.


  1. Dick Cheney has been the real President of the USA for the past 7+ years.

    Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff said that the Bush White House was run by a Neoconservative cabal headed by Cheney and Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld is gone now…..

    Relatively few Bush/Cheney voters would probably feel comfortable having a beer with this reptilian creature who has slithered around managing the fiasco that will cost us at least a trillion dollars before it is over and 2500+ dead Americans so far and plummeting US prestige, goodwill and credibility abroad.

    That said, I doubt that it will be possible to impeach Cheney. In the relatively short time remaining before the Bush/Cheney administration dies a natural death , it is questionable how much impact it would have and whether it would be worth the cost in political capital, energy and goodwill.

    The one advantage that I see is the possibility of exposing the deceit and lies of this administration in promoting the Iraq war. Even then, so many government people have been taken in by this scam that few would be inclined to reveal themselves.

    Better that we use our energies to cleaning up the mess created by Bush/Cheney.

  2. I still think they should try to impeach him. Watch him claim executive privilege for every other thing, refuse to hand over documents and come up with rediculous excuses for all of it. Put it out there in the open. It won’t take long for the country to turn on him. Heck, over half already has.

    Or, look at it another way. What kind of precident does it set if we don’t try to impeach him. We’re sending a message that we are willing to let these kinds of wrongdoings slide as it is. I think it would be good for the country. Who knows, maybe the world would respect us again as well.

    BTW- Iraq has claimed 3,600+ now

  3. I completely agree, I think although Congress needs to work hard to fix the problems Cheney has created. I think we to do something to set an example that if you lie and misled the American that something must happen to you.

    If Congress did managed to impeach him and then remove him from office. It’s not like Bush could pardon him, after all that is the one offense that is unpardonable. It would be interesting to see who Bush will select to replace him. Now that I think about that, I couldn’t even begin to think who could take the place of His Royal Highness Cheney.

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