WMD’s Go Out, Bomb Belts Come In

July 11, 2007

Remember that favorite wingnut talking point about why we never found WMD’s in Iraq?  It still comes up every so often, even though it requires some suspension of disbelief.  Let me remind you: Saddam’s WMDs are in Syria

That’s right.  Saddam whisked away his precious WMD’s to Syria.  Presumably, his only real defense against an invading American military.  For some reason, Saddam chose living in a hole and having his palaces looted over using his stockpiles against his nemesis when they were invading his own country.  How noble of him.

Well, today, I saw this news on LGFIraqi official says 200 explosive belts captured in truck crossing from Syria

Iraqi security forces have seized 200 explosive belts in a truck that crossed into Iraq from Syria on Wednesday, Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said.

The incident occurred at the Waleed border crossing point, Khalaf said. The Iraqi government and US authorities have accused Syria of allowing foreign fighters to cross into Iraq, a claim that Syria denies saying it is impossible to control the long desert border. (AP)

After 4+ years of war in the region and still no sign of those WMD’s.  If they’re in Syria, you’d think that someone over there would have tried to export something more potent than bomb belts by now.

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