Peggy Noonan Puts ‘BDS’ To Bed

July 13, 2007

Longtime conservative author, columnist and Fox News contributor Peggy Noonan addressed the issue of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) today in a WSJ opinion piece: American Grit —  We can’t fire the president right now, so we’re waiting it out.  — 

I’m not referring to what used to be called Bush Derangement Syndrome. That phrase suggested that to passionately dislike the president was to be somewhat unhinged. No one thinks that anymore. I received an email before the news conference from as rock-ribbed a Republican as you can find, a Georgia woman (middle-aged, entrepreneurial) who’d previously supported him. She said she’d had it. “I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.” I was startled by her vehemence only because she is, as I said, rock-ribbed. Her email reminded me of another, one a friend received some months ago: “I took the W off my car today,” it said on the subject line. It sounded like a country western song, like a great lament.

Personally, I always chuckled when someone accuses me of ‘suffering’ from BDS.   I do find her line “No one thinks that anymore” to be pretty interesting, because as I type this, my pals at LGF are commenting on this latest post: Peace Activism Meets Al Qaeda Meets BDS

See also my other recent post: I Think We Can Put The Pejorative ‘BDS’ To Bed Now


  1. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of it. Of course, I disagree with the post of yours you linked to. I don’t think that supporting Bush can be described as derangement, but neither is disagreeing with him.

  2. Never heard of BDS? Wow, that is surprising.

    Edit- Wait a second. You don’t think that having kids pray to a full size cutout of Bush is, um, deranged?

  3. Well, I think those people are deranged by nature, but that particular tidbit was actually misrepresented, sorta like Catholics are misrepresented when it is said they worship saints. They said they were praying over the President, and for him, not worshipping him.

  4. Chen, you have BDS. Be happy with it…embrace it!
    Stop trying to fight it, it will only drive you crazy.

  5. LOL. Sage, do me a favor and click on the link in your nic.

    /I hardly ever edit comments, but in this case, I couldn’t resist.

  6. Bush Bot? OK, I’ll embrace it if you embrace your BDS Chen.

  7. No deal Sage. Like Peggy said, I’m not deranged.

  8. You missed the point Chen. Of course people are fed up with Bush, and with good reason. I told you that on LGF. People are sick of this war, they’re sick of stupid amnesty bills, and they’re sick of the bickering.

    Average everyday people are just fed up and Bush is in the top elected position in the country so they take it out on him, as they should (although they like the Democrat congress even less).

    What you and I both know is that you hated him right from the beginning…before this fatigue (and Democrat congress fatigue) ever set in. You hated him ever since 2000….THAT’S BDS! It’s not BDS if you’ve grown weary of him (and the Democrat congress), that’s normal. Hating someone right from the git-go…that’s deranged, and that’s where your head is at although you will never admit it.

  9. I think of it as intuition.

  10. Did you happen to have the same intuition about the Democrat controlled congress who’ve managed to propel themselves to a whopping low 20s percentage approval?

    If not, then you’ve proved my point.

  11. What are you doin’ changin your nic on me Sage? LOL

    Well, Sage, having intuition about the dynamics of hundreds of members of congress is a bit different than having intuition about one man, but I’ll throw out that same thory I eluded to in the last ‘BDS’ thread: The numbers may go up a bit if they go ahead with that impeachment thing.

    Just a theory.

  12. I think you’re wrong Chen, but I just don’t care anymore.

    I need you to email me, I have a question for you.

  13. Uh oh.

    OK done.

  14. I managed to get my name back, but it no longer shows up as a link.

  15. Noonan is talking about how nobody believes that disliking the President automatically meant you were unhinged. Presumably because there are actually good reasons to dislike him now, that weren’t simply the irrational ones used in 2002, 2001, 2000, etc.

  16. I think of it as intuition.

    There’s only two primary lines of logic. Deductive and inductive. Intuition doesn’t work when your deductive and inductive abilities are messed up to begin with.

  17. Well, Sage mischaracterized me a bit. In one of my first posts on this blog I stated that I didn’t really turn on Bush until late ’02 when it became clear that we were invading Iraq. That’s always been my primary beef with him.

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