Ed Koch Is Bailing Out

July 18, 2007

The former mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, has defended Bush’s Iraq war policy for as long as I can remember, but today he delivers this op-ed: I’m Done Defending the Iraq Policy

I’m bailing out.

I put that there just so it was clear that my title for this post wasn’t spin.  Koch rattles off a whole host of reasons why he’s had a change of heart, but I’ll skip to the part that really got my attention:

I believe we can be out of Iraq in a few months if we want to leave, departing by way of Turkey in the north and via Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the south and west. We should leave to the Iraqi army the supplies and materials they will need to protect themselves and take all else with us, after first arming the Kurds. Common decency requires that we take with us those Iraqi civilians who helped us and would be in danger when we left.

We should prepare for the battles that will take place on American soil by the Islamic forces of terror who are engaged in a war that will be waged by them against Western civilization for at least the next 30 years. They must be defeated for if, God forbid, they defeat us they will put us, the infidels, to the sword. They refer to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and other Muslims they disagree with religiously as infidels.

I guess my warblogger pals would call this the “cut, run and pray” strategy.  Oh, and it would be nice if we’d just drop some weapons off on our way out (probably mid-stride) too.  I’m not quite sure what “put us to the sword” means.  It seems to imply that Osama has an army of millions waiting to invade and start forced conversions to Islam.  I’m not sure about that one, although a lot can change in 30 years I suppose.  It certainly doesn’t sound like a positive outcome.

I’m not sure if Mr. Koch has a lot of influence, but as more and more politicians “bail” on the Bush policy, the question on this withdrawal begins to lean towards “when” rather than “if”.  And after watching the Senate debate last night (I managed to make it to about 4AM), I couldn’t help but think that all they’re doing is prolonging the inevitable.  The writing is on the wall.   I have to agree with the warblogger crowd on one thing, and it’s that this scenario would leave us feeling humiliated and defeated, and al Qaeda feeling emboldened.  Whether that feeling is superficial or has tangible consequences is a matter of debate.  Consider the mounting evidence that our presence there is only making matters worse in the big picture, however, and it paints a picture of a bad choice being the best choice.

This is why I still believe that best way out of this is for the Iraqis to ask us to depart, either with a vote within their parliament or, as I stated a few posts down, from the general population.   If we’re going to leave, leaving this way has got to be more desirable, as it would address many of the concerns people would have about the morning after.  It certainly wouldn’t be perfect, but considering the other possibilities it appears to be the preferred way.  On top of that, it might just be the right thing to do. 



  1. I agree Chen, If the Iraqi people hold a referendum and the majority say that they want us out, then we should leave. If the majority say that they want us there, then we have an obligation to stay until they have a functioning government that can provide their own security. Of course if they vote for us to stay, they have an obligation to participate in making their own government work properly.
    If they don’t, then we’re out of there anyhow. As Bush has said many times, our commitment is not open ended.
    As most conservatives have said many times, our commitment is not open ended.

    As Harry Reid has said many times- “Let’s get the hell out of there…because I’m scared!”

  2. Its too late he has done all the damage for so aggressively supporting Bush war in 2004 Presidential election. He is an old idiot.

  3. Damage?

    What a jerk. Koch did what he had to do in 2004, that is- keeping John F’n Kerry out of the White House. Kerry would have pulled all the troops out immediately, called them all losers for not staying in school and getting ‘stuck in Iraq’, then he would have thrown all their medals into the Tigris. And for good measure he would have sent them all to Cambodia for Christmas!

    The worlds finest military would have been damaged for decades, if not longer. Thank God Koch did what he did in 2004!

  4. The idiots are the only ones who still believe US military is winning the Bush stupid “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  5. Silly, silly Sage. Can we call it KDS?

  6. Oh, I forgot, QB (Mr. One world Government with the stupid avatar) still believes that the “war on terror” is just a bumper sticker.

    Just cast your vote for Edwards now QB, and get it over with.

  7. LOL. What a idiot? I always avoid idiots like DesertsSage conservative religious nuts.

    Chen sorry did not know that you have so brain dead idiots visiting your blog.

  8. “Chen sorry did not know that you have so brain dead idiots visiting your blog.”

    Ditto that Chen. I didn’t know that you had anti-semitic, brain dead neo-Islamist Leftist idiots infesting your blog.

  9. Well, it’s called the “Chamber” for a reason. A battle of ideas. Check out the blogroll. Or this.

    Play nice.

    BTW- Speaking of the blogroll…I think it’s time to add QB to the alliance.

  10. And as far as Desert[s]Sage being a “conservative religious nut”…first off I’m Jewish (which would piss QB off anyhow, because I’m an ape or a pig in his mind), but I’m not even a very religious Jew. I’m just a Jew by birth and heritage (which I’m very proud of)and I’m of the Reform variety..

    So Mr. Lefty QB can assume anything he wants, but like most Lefties, he’ll probably be wrong.

  11. Oh, whatever. I think I’d describe this as “cut, run, and pray” if I were the sloganeering type. You don’t just pull out of what al Qaida themselves think is the most important battleground in the modern phase of the Islamist war on infidels, mainly against the West today. Besides that, you definitely don’t pull out and hope that we’ll be able to implement a security boost that will stop Islamist terrorists from attacking us succesfully forever. Never mind that what we’re doing has been working for six years already without such a boost.

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