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July 18, 2007

You didn’t really think this DC Madam thing would end with Vitter did you? Via Teagan Goddard’s Political Wire:

Flynt Ready to Implicate Another Senator

Larry King interviewed Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt last night on how he linked Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to an alleged prostitution ring. Flynt now says he’s got information linking another U.S. Senator to a sex scandal.

FLYNT: We’ve got good leads. We’ve got over 300 initially. And they’re down to about 30 now which is solid.

KING: When are you going to print?

FLYNT: Well, the last thing now is we don’t know if we want to let it to drip, drip, drip or we want to go with everything at once.

KING: You mean you might release 30 names at once?

FLYNT: A good possibility.

KING: Will we be — I don’t want to get into names yet. Will we be shocked?


KING: Were you shocked?

FLYNT: I was shocked, especially at one senator but…

KING: One senator especially?


Last month, Flynt offered a $1 million bounty to anyone who could provide proof of an illicit sexual encounter with a high-ranking government official.

Crooks and Liars has the video.

I’ll leave my guess in the comment section.



  1. Brownback?

  2. Heh heh heh. 😀 I didn’t know the Vitter news came from Flynt’s bounty offer. I’m not a huge Larry Flynt fan, but if money is what it takes to get the goods on some of these incredibly hypocritical guys, then all power to him. I won’t try to guess any names — but the more Dem-hatin’, Bible-spoutin, gay-bashin’, marriage-toutin’, the better…

  3. I can’t wait to not really care. Better be impressive if they want to waste my time..

  4. Tiffany said: “…but the more Dem-hatin’, Bible-spoutin, gay-bashin’, marriage-toutin’”

    I hope it’s a stupid lunatic lefty loser.

    Democrats are about the most spiteful, hateful, ignorant assholes on the planet. Maybe if one of them is outed their abysmal approval ratings in congress will go up.

    Chen, where did you get all these idiotic Leftists posting on you blog? If you are in faver of a traditional marraige you’re all of the sudden a “gay-basher”? “bible-thumpin'”?…that doesn’t apply to me, but Lefty would say that it did (that’s where the ‘stupid’ comes in). “Dem-hatin'”?…nope, I don’t hate anyone. I leave that up to the Lefty Democrats.

  5. This isn’t LGF, Sage. Maybe you should pick a Senator. There’s a prize in it!

  6. Tiffany said: “…but the more Dem-hatin’, Bible-spoutin, gay-bashin’, marriage-toutin’”

    Yeah Tiffany, because conservatives never spout hate right? They just drag people to death in Texas and burn churches down south. Come on back to reality will you please. Enough with the right-wing talking points. Nobody’s buying it anymore.

  7. Sorry Chen, I just don’t like getting accused of things by holier-than-thou Lefties.

    I pick Jim Webb.

    BTW, what’s the prize?

  8. I’m going to guess it’s John Warner. 😉

  9. Sage- The prize shall be a dedicated post that celebrates your infinite wisdom!

  10. Chen, I need your help…you know where. Look for my post.

  11. Sage- Webb? I thought for sure you’d pick Kerry, just out of spite.

  12. My guess….prepare to be grossed out…Robert Byrd!

  13. To tie it to your home state Chen, I’ll guess Norm Coleman.

  14. John Edwards.

  15. John Edwards

    I assumed Flynt is referring to a current Senator, but who knows?

  16. Might be easier to guess who it’s not.

  17. Chen:

    The timing would be right …early 90’s.

  18. Get ready to be grossed out, for real this time:

    Hillary Clinton.

    It’s gonna be huge.

  19. Chen:

    The timing would be right …early 90’s

    Good point.

  20. I don’t know, Lieberman, maybe?

  21. Maybe there’s some meat to the Cheney/D.C. madame story? An even mix of Rs & Ds would be beautiful.

  22. I like practicalreasoning’s guess. Byrd would be pure Shocka!

  23. Yeag, but he’d just send his constituents more pork and it would all be okay.

  24. I’m going to agree with you Chen, Brownback, is my guess.

    I wonder what is running through the minds of the people who have sex scandals in their closets, they must hoping that Flynn hasn’t found them out.

    However, I do think what Flynn is doing a bit cruel. Unless the Senator has always stood up on his or her soapbox to denounce marital improprieties and family values; we should not be kicking down the doors to their closets. We all have things we don’t want people to know about us and just because they are in the political limelight does not make them this model human being that must resist all immoral temptations.

  25. Get Em’!!

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