Iraq Vs. Vietnam

July 21, 2007

Iraq won 2-0.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Police danced at checkpoints and gunmen fired their weapons in celebration Saturday as thousands of jubilant Iraqis poured into the streets of Baghdad after their national soccer team’s 2-0 victory over Vietnam in a quarterfinal match of the Asia Cup in Bangkok, Thailand .

The impromptu citywide parade lifted the capital’s wartime gloom and let Iraqis forget momentarily the daily frustrations of their lives.


What, you thought this post was about something else?  For the latest on the Asia Cup, click here.

Update:  The Iraqis partied so hard that 3 people were killed and 50 more injured in the celebration.



  1. Snagged me with your title. I had two immediate thoughts Chen has a historical perspective post and then ahhh I love soccer.
    Bravo Iraq.

  2. Neener Neener 🙂

    Historical perspective? Maybe someday.

  3. Ok I’ll settle for General Chen’s perspective.

  4. I am so happy to read this news. It is nice to know that they can have some happy moments in their otherwise tormented lives.

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