To Catch A Blog Pimp

July 21, 2007

Please excuse my lame spin on the title of a popular show on NBC, but I thought the title fits this particular situation. I’m issuing a warning to by fellow bloggers to tell them to be on the lookout for eric aka blacktygrrrr:


M.O.: Leaves a variation of the following message in the comments section of as many politically-themed blogs as possible:

I am contacting fellow political bloggers. I hope this email is not an intrusion. Anyway, I would like it very much if you would go to http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/21020 and vote for me for best political blog and best overall blog as well, if you feel my blog is of a high quality. I really think I have a legitimate shot at winning. If you are open to spreading the word, that would be cool as well.

Thank you.

eric aka www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

P.S. If you are open to a link exchange, I get some decent traffic

Seems polite enough, but consider the fact that the pimping is widespread and has been going on for some time now, well before any ballots were involved. Back then, blacktygrrrr was just trying to get into your blogroll:

I would consider it a privilege if you would add my blog “The Tygrrrr Express” www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com if you feel the quality is high.

Happy June.


Notice that I have not linked to the blacktygrrrr site. You can copy/paste the url if you really want to check it out, but I didn’t really want to give the pimp the satisfaction of a link from my blog. I will, however, link to many examples of the pimping in question. A note to these bloggers: You got pimped!

Those were just the ones I could find – FROM THE LAST 7 DAYS!   Over the last few months I’ve stumbled upon blacktygrrrr’s cyber-graffiti countless times in the comments sections of blogs, and I don’t think I’ve come across an instance where he hasn’t pimped his blog.  Even more irritating is the fact that the guy appears to be a Bushbot model 101.  So, those of you out there who have added blacktygrrrr to your blogroll, or have been seduced by the pimp and actually voted for his blog in the Blogger’s Choice Awards, I’m sorry.  But consider this post as an AMBER ALERT to catch a runaway blog pimp.  I will kindly ask readers to report any future sightings, and I will add them to this post. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m new to this stuff. He asked me for a link exchange so I put his link up but he never reciprocated. I decided to give it a few days but it hasn’t happened so I will pull it.

  2. ChenZhen,

    Nice looking out. I didn’t vote in the “Blogger’s Choice Awards” (never have), but I did blogroll the guy, since he asked politely. I see now he never reciprocated, which is the big no-no as regards my policy.

    Thank you Sir!

  3. Hm. Seems I didn’t blogroll him after all. More coffee required, obviously.

    I’m still aggravated enough to delete his comments though 🙂

  4. From what I’ve seen, it’s generally OK to link back to your blog in someone’s comments if you are linking to a specific post that’s related to the discussion at hand. What blacktygrrrr is doing is systematically pimping for pimping’s sake. It’s bad enough to go around asking to be put into blogrolls, but it’s really sad if you take it a step further and actually ask people to vote for your blog in a poll.

    Also, it’s quite possible that he’s left many more ‘pimps’ than what I cited there, as it was easier for me to find the ones that were left on wordpress blogs. Who knows, he could have left 3x that number over the last 7 days on other blogs. If I really wanted to spend some time, I’d probably discover that he’s been at it for weeks or even months.

    Anyway, the other reason I highlighted the wordpress examples because hopefully he’ll take a look at his ‘my comments’ section in his dashboard and notice a bunch of pingbacks calling him out. Unfortunately, we won’t see the look on his face, but we might get a visit. 😉

  5. That was obvious comment spam. It’s not even a good attempt at pimping. He should at least tailor his garbage to be some kind of response to the post he’s commenting on.

    We would delete his comment immediately. We simply do not tolerate spam. It would never even become visible. WordPress admins should add morons like this to their blacklist.

    But thanks for bringing this up and exposing this useless turd. If his blog was so great, people would already know about it.

    This is how great this tool is (from a recent post):

    When I started blogging in March of 2007, it was after several years of resistance. I considered it the height of arrogance to think anybody would possibly care what I had to say. I now see that the blogosphere, while quite idiosyncratic, is relevant. It matters.

    Shut up, narcissist. After four months of blogging he deserves a blogging award? I think not.

  6. Yep. I hate this idiot already. From the About page:

    The Tygrrrr Express is me. I like Politics, the National Football League, 80s hard rock music, the stock market, and red meat. Blogging is a shameless ploy to get what I really want, which is to be sandwiched between two hot republican Jewish brunettes. If I only get one of them, that is good enough, provided she gets pregnant and the kids end up with her loveliness and my last name.


    Then he pleads anyone reading the page to vote for him the blog awards. Smart. Strong. Subtle.

  7. I thought you were joking, then I checked it out for myself. You weren’t joking LOL.

  8. The guy is clearly an idiot… Thanks for posting the original article. I don’t normally make it a habit of deleting or editing comments, but I left his online and deleted all references to his sorry ass blog.

  9. He hit up my blog a couple of times. I just ignored him.

  10. What kind of award is it when you can nominate yourself? What kind of idiots vote for him just because he asked them to? Have they even read it before blogrolling or voting?

    Read the comments on the about page. The blogrollers seem more interested in being on the guy’s blogroll in exchange for being put on his.

    I read a couple of recent entries in this chump’s blog. Very boring. Very tedious. I don’t understand how it could be the “best blog of all time.”

    What are the Blogger’s Choice Awards and does anybody actually care?

  11. The scam apparently works. Technorati has The Tygrrrr Express ranked at 975 with an authority of 1,576. The blog reactions appear to be blogrolling related and not actual, you know, links to Tigger’s great wisdom.

    There’s a lot of suckers out there, apparently.

  12. It looks like his high technorati rating is primarily due to the fact that his site is listed on townhall.com. You’re right, they aren’t legit ‘blog reactions’. I’ve noticed that technorati has several glitches like this.

    I’m not even sure if the guy actually participates in any debates beyond the initial reaction. Otherwise, it looks like he just drops his turd and leaves.

    Anyway, if you spot him, let him know we’re on to him 😉

  13. He visited my blog, some time back. I am fairly new at this, so I find this rather amusing and a little pathetic. Maybe he should go into politics since he isn’t bashful about asking for votes. BTW, what is a pingback? I’ve seen this word before but don’t know what it means.

  14. Thanks for the heads up!


  15. madmouser-

    Pingback? Short answer: If I post a link to a blog post (as I did for our ‘victims’ above), it will automatically leave a link in the comments section on some blogs or the ‘trackback’ section of others (depends on the blog software). If you check the ‘victim’ links above you will see a link back to this post in the comments section.

    So, if blacktygrrrr were to check his ‘my comments’in his WP dashboard, he’ll see a link to “To Catch A Blog Pimp” in there, because my pingbacks were left in the same threads he commented on. My guess is that he doesn’t check them, probably because he’s more concerned about leaving the spam than responding to any reaction to it. We’ll see I guess.

  16. Hi, I’m PracticalReasoning, and I’d like your vote for “Most Obnoxious Blogger” award in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Also, if you like my site, I’d propose a link exchange. Although, to be fair, my blog barely registers a blip on the radar screen, so your link will likely just sit there with all the other sad, unclicked links, collecting cyber dust.

  17. The dude tried the same with me. I didn’t blogroll him because I didn’t like him. PracticalReasoning, on the other hand, is funny.

  18. Hold on a sec!!!!!!!! What rules have I violated? I just noticed this just now, and all I did was try to relentlessly try to promote myself!!!!!!!

    If I do not back it up with quality writing, my advertising means nothing. ANYBODY I contact who adds me to their blogroll gets reciprocation, provided their site is not a hate site. If I failed to add any of you, send me an email reminding me and I will absolutely do so.

    I am sometimes slow to respond because in only 6 months my blog has grown.

    I treat EVERYONE with kindness. I am not a scam artist. I am a sincere guy trying to build a bigger audience.

    eric http://www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

    comments go to my eprsonal email, and I WILL respond.

  19. Also, as far as being a “Bushbot,” I admit that!

    However, conservative visitors to my blog find much to like, and liberal commenters will tell you that I am absolutely fair to them, and have left up many comments ripping my arguments.

    So AGAIN…Yes, I promote myself…yes I am a republican…No, I do not hide that…and cross promotion is a win win. Rather than bash my approach, given that I get a decent # of hits, why not ask me to promote you as well? I have helped several bloggers increase their traffic.


    P.S. If any of you were offended by my approach, I absolutely genuinely regret that. However, I believe I have been respectful and polite, and will continue in that vein.

  20. Lemme get this straight…Your rebuttal to accusations of blog pimping includes…pimping your blog?

  21. I made a sincere effort to react to what I thought was an unfair characterization.

    If you choose to see me as insincere, that is your choice. I am quite sincere, and would treat any visitor to my blog with respect, liberal or conservative.

    Be well.


  22. I think that we need to expand the Patriot Act so that we can catch brats like this. On my blog, I’m going to start posting blog pimpers’ IP addresses and emails in place of their links, and then sign them up for some spam.

    You must be aggressive with these twits. If President Bush were bold enough, I know that he would surely legalize shooting these mudbags in the face on the streets. Black Tygrrrr, for one, should be publicly hanged for his deviant pimping.

    If you have to pimp your blog on other people’s websites that they labor on to get attention for your own for doing jack shit, then your opinions are probably meaningless, and you should really just crawl into a hole and die.

    What do you do about blog pimpers, ChenZhen?

  23. They get The Emblem, Objective Scrutator.

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