How Tall Is Fred Thompson?

July 26, 2007

If you see enough pictures of Fred standing next to people, it doesn’t take too long to notice that he’s always the tallest one in the group.  But how tall is he?


I did some searching, and according to Blogs For Fred Thompson, the former Senator stands 6’5″, and if elected president he would be the tallest in our nation’s history.  Does it mean anything, though?  Probably not, outside of having to raise the shower head in the White House bathroom.

Exit question:  Can he dunk?


  1. Lets hope this never happens!

  2. We can only hope that this WILL happen!

  3. Hah! I’m taller than he is! Therefore I am more qualified to be President, or an Archaeologist, or something… (insert maniacal laughter here.)

  4. Let’s not think too much into the physical aspects of candidates. We need people to be president who are smart and diplomatic and well informed and educated, not stupid dweebs that make up their own words.

  5. Yeah, Clinton was tall and look at what a dweeb he turned out to be!

    No more Clinton’s or tall people!

  6. Well, it was just an observation.

  7. Sorry. I was just indulging my own weird sense of humor and making a reference to an old “Monty Python” sketch.

  8. According to a good source, he is 6’6”

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