Buy Stock In Prosthetic Manufacturers, I Guess

July 28, 2007

Ever wonder what happens to the injured in all these car bombs that take place in Iraq?  I do, and I imagine that it isn’t pretty.  I doubt they’ll report this on Fox News: Amputations bring health crisis to Iraq

In the north of Iraq, the Red Crescent Society and the director general for health services in Mosul have told US forces, there is a requirement for up to 3,000 replacement limbs a year. If that estimate is applied across the country, it suggests an acute and looming long-term health challenge that has been largely ignored by the world.

Don’t ya just love war?



  1. “Don’t ya just love war?”

    I don’t think you’ll find anybody in America that loves war Chen, so what’s your point?

  2. Well, you might if you make prosthetic limbs n stuff.

    Or guns.

    Or fighter jets.

    Or tanks.

  3. Yep, those prosthetic limbs n stuff are real money makers. When they first developed metal helmets the field surgeons noticed an upswing in non-fatal head wounds. Sort of makes you wonder if the helmet mfgs were causing more wounds to the head. Turns out that the helmets turned what was normally a fatal wound into a wound that became non-fatal. Sort of like what the body armor does. Had these amputees not been wearing body armor they most likely would have died.

    Thank you for your concern. /s

  4. Oh my choice, pharmaceuticals first, marijuana second, prostheses third. Kill the pain, make them happy then make them ambulatory. That’s my plan. Someone got some seeds?

  5. 3000 a year is practically nothing. Look at the historical record for amputation stats from WWI.

    And what leads you to believe that there would never be a need for prosthetics if we brought all troops home from Iraq?

    Are you saying that freedom is not worth the risk of life and limb?

    If the US cuts and runs from Iraq the market for artificial limbs will grow, not recede.

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