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Who The Heck Is Johanna Cardona?

August 3, 2007

One check of technorati, and you see this in the “top searches”

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  • Wow. Apparently, some TV personality down in Colombia had her boyfriend’s cell phone sex video leak out.

    After Colombian signaller Johanna Cardona who worked until few days ago in the channel TB3 in the capital of Colombia’s Atlantic Barranquilla ended a relationship with the ex-boyfriend Oscar Crespo, the angry guy put an amateur video, which they filmed the duo having oral sex using a mobile phone under an consensus one year ago, on the internet. According to Johanna Cardona, her ex-boyfriend threatened to make the indecent video public if she would not come back to him. But Oscar Crespo insisted that he had forgot to delete the love-making video on the phone which he sold earlier.

    Johanna Cardona, is the latest self-made sex video victim of Latin American celebrity after Costa Rican singer Noelia whose amateur video, also with ex-boyfriend, was alleged to be leaked on the internet by his step-father.

    Just in case anyone was wondering. Anyway, I won’t link to the sex video, but if you want to see what appears to be her casting video, click here.


    Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A New Decider

    August 3, 2007

    “Mr. DNI”

    When it came to legislation to “close intelligence gaps” in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Bush deferred the responsibility today:

    When Congress sends me their version, when Congress listens to all the data and facts and they send me a version of how to close those gaps, I’ll ask one question, and I’m going to ask the DNI: Does this legislation give you what you need to prevent an attack on the country? Is this what you need to do your job, Mr. DNI? That’s the question I’m going to ask. And if the answer is yes, I’ll sign the bill. And if the answer is no, I’m going to veto the bill.

    “Mr. DNI”, of course, is the Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell.   


    I guess the ball’s in his court. Hopefully he talks to this guy first, however.

    In all seriousness though, Bush is still the decider.  He knows what he wants with this bill.  Carpetbagger:

    First, the notion that the administration has proposed a “narrow and targeted piece of legislation” is silly; Bush supports a measure, for example, in which Alberto Gonzales would audit the White House’s surveillance efforts, as if he were a neutral check on possible abuses of power.

    Feel safer?