Who The Heck Is Johanna Cardona?

August 3, 2007

One check of technorati, and you see this in the “top searches”

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  • Wow. Apparently, some TV personality down in Colombia had her boyfriend’s cell phone sex video leak out.

    After Colombian signaller Johanna Cardona who worked until few days ago in the channel TB3 in the capital of Colombia’s Atlantic Barranquilla ended a relationship with the ex-boyfriend Oscar Crespo, the angry guy put an amateur video, which they filmed the duo having oral sex using a mobile phone under an consensus one year ago, on the internet. According to Johanna Cardona, her ex-boyfriend threatened to make the indecent video public if she would not come back to him. But Oscar Crespo insisted that he had forgot to delete the love-making video on the phone which he sold earlier.

    Johanna Cardona, is the latest self-made sex video victim of Latin American celebrity after Costa Rican singer Noelia whose amateur video, also with ex-boyfriend, was alleged to be leaked on the internet by his step-father.

    Just in case anyone was wondering. Anyway, I won’t link to the sex video, but if you want to see what appears to be her casting video, click here.


    One comment

    1. …aren’t latin lovers assholes, mamarchos who
      shuttle back and forth between the falsely sanctimonious cathartic church of sin and castigo,
      oh yeah, gotta punish the sins of the meatball
      flesh before the spaghetti finds out, ratfinks,
      thieves in the house of love, cuyeyos, i would
      say faggots but frankly the only happy couples i know are gay, prehaps motherfuckers would be a
      better choice, with all due respect to their
      progenitrix, who don’t deserve either their get
      nor their wandering husbands, who are not intent
      on satisfying a woman they are married to, no
      they want to spread their diseased idea of romance
      into the backwaters of yellow legend, penetrating them withdrawing from any number of diappointed dames who have had the honor of un gallo muy jugado,
      and just as chicken-headed, pollos is another good
      name for them, usually without hueso. they are the
      bullshit of the faena, the slippered matador in his
      suit of slights, ignoble pimps on the flank of
      their much nobler pareja, the cow has to put up with the steer who doesn’t care, who just wants
      sirloin, and the butt cut of life, their only
      finery being when the sword of drink and diabetes
      goes between their shoulders for the end of their
      unentertaining farce and fart of ego.

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