Photos: Karl Rove and George W. Bush

August 15, 2007

A look back at the President and his closest aide

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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. Will you contact me via email.

    I’d like to have you write (maybe even come on as a Managing Editor) for an upcoming collaborative blog. You seem to have the insight and share the same need for networking that I have.


  3. This is one heckl of a site! And that artwork! Who does that? The writing, the art – all brilliant.


  4. Yep, The Decider and his side-kick Turd Blossom… evildoers that changed America!

  5. Devil eyes. They both have devil eyes.

  6. This is a disgusting and evil website.

  7. Pat-

    LOL Thanks for stopping by though!

  8. […] (Illustration found here). […]

  9. […] Photos: Karl Rove and George W. Bush […]

  10. …the kettle and the pot calling on each other after their dirty work is done, can they be issued
    command exit visas to outer thule where george can
    finally learn to fly from a penquin the size of karl?


  12. …you’re joshing josh, aren’t you? we’re all kings
    sons. a blue stocking used to be a whore, makes one
    muse when elite governance, the nancys, are taking
    their buffalo turd tea.

  13. …let’s see, a blueblood is someone who doesn’t use oxygen, just hydro-genetics, is all wet, and
    hates the color red except on a silver platter.
    blue=blau(Pr/MDu/G)= b/p(l)au-uechilia/pauetzi(N)=ensalsar/elogize/praise(to the(blau)skies, turn
    the air blue)=pa-ue(N)=paint/pa-ue/big paint,
    and, p(r)a-ise(E)=that wordstring also, but
    shares it with, raise/rise=(ra)iz/e(letra)=iça/
    oiçac(izaac)=get up(out of bed), and, there’s
    also, raíz(sp)=root,=raze(E)=tlaza(N)=throw down,
    which, =azul(sp)=blue. full circle, like the
    t/l/red/tl=tletl=firegod sun.
    which would you rather be? the tlaza azure lazy praised sky=scéo(OE)=ce ollin(N)=one movement, or, anthony=tonatiuh(N)=tonalli(N)=soultone/-tune=tona(N)=our/to-na/4?
    i’d opt for-tune, but wait,
    ceol(celtic)=(sky)song, hard to choose,
    but never to be, ge/ce o l/r ge/ce=george.

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