First Rove, Then Gonzales

August 27, 2007

Is it just a coincidence that two of the most loyal Bushies in Bushville -both of whom are involved in the supposed non-scandal scandal of the firing of US attorneys- resigned within weeks of each other?


via Raw Story: Fired attorney: Rove, Gonzales resignations ‘absolutely linked’

During an appearance on CNN, former US Attorney David Iglesias said Gonzales‘s resignation is “absolutely linked with Karl Rove leaving two weeks ago,” and speculated the two resigned “for the same reason”: Congressional investigators closing in on their suspected roles in the attorney-firing scandal.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been following the US attorney scandal very closely. Even for a seasoned Bush-basher, it’s hard to keep up with all shows in this circus.  On the surface, however, it’s pretty hard to overlook the timing of the two.


  1. I question the timing or your questioning of the timing.

  2. Non scandal scandal=Gonzo is tupid nothing else. Clinton fired all the lawyers and restacked His deck.

  3. Hopefully he’ll remember where he put his car keys though.

    Clinton fired all the lawyers and restacked His deck.

    I may be mistaken, but I thought it was customary for an incoming president to “stack his deck”. What isn’t customary is using the attorneys to pursue a political agenda and firing them when they don’t play along.

  4. Not necessarily but you’re right in thinking Administrations pursue agenda over laws. My point is though it is well within the rights of any Administration to sack 1,13, or93 people for any reason.

  5. Bush can fire U.S. Attorneys just cuz, so its not a scandal. The wiretapping thing might rise to that level, but thiis is just politics as usual. We’ve had 16 years of scandal…its the only thing democrats and republicans know how to do anymore…whine about the other guy.

  6. Then why the heck were all those Justice Dept. officials resigning? And why can’t Gonzales just come out and say why they were fired? The fact that Bush can fire them is missing the point.

  7. David Iglesias has already confirmed to CNN that he believes these two events to be categorically LINKED. Rove and Gonzales family lives can’t be that damned interesting. Really.

  8. Don’t you love all the whining about the legality of what the administration does ? Oversight also includes figuring out if the officeholders know whether they are punched or bored.

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